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Rogue System

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Image Space Incorporated
Developer: Digits Crossed Interactive
Release Date: 2016

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'Rogue System' Announced

by Rainier on Nov. 6, 2013 @ 8:56 a.m. PST

Rogue System is a new space combat simulator that blends the classic space combat gameplay of the 90’s with the detail and fidelity of a modern hardcore flight simulator.

Rogue System’s Core Module will take space sim gameplay in a unique direction by allowing players to take control of their ship at system and sub-system levels from pre-flight to post-flight. Players will need to know their ship inside and out to get the most out of it at all times, especially during combat. Later, Expansion Modules will extend the life of Rogue System by adding new ships, campaigns and gameplay styles.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with ISI,” says Michael Juliano, owner and founder of DCI.  “They see in Rogue System an intriguing variation to typical space combat sims and are fully supportive of my vision for it.” Expanding on this, Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Development at Image Space Incorporated says, "We are excited to partner with Michael and his vision for Rogue System. It is great to see his passion as he helps to reinvent the space sim genre."

The Core Module for Rogue System will be a single-player, military experience. You will fly a campaign lasting several weeks. Each week you will fly a series of dynamically-generated missions that are comprised of both current military and civilian assets. You and your side's performance during the course of the week will determine which scripted mission you fly at week's end. This scripted mission will propel the overall story. At the end of the campaign you will fly a final mission worthy of your side's performance.

You will fly as either an interceptor or a strike-fighter pilot in one of two squadrons. Each mission, both squadrons fly together to achieve a major objective. During the mission, squadrons will be broken up into elements that each perfom different tasks in support of the mission. Timings will be critical-if an element isn't where it's supposed to be during each phase of the mission the entire package may suffer.

Finally, in between missions you will be free to move about, in FPS mode, within the Orbital Station where you are based. You'll receive mission briefings and debriefings, visit various locations, and interact with your fellow pilots.

Finally, Rogue System is fully moddable, allowing both DCI as well as the sim's community to add new ships, missions, and even campaigns.

Later, Extension Modules (EM) will add even more gameplay. The first EM will be the addition of open-ended trading and exploring. Other modules will include enhanced FPS gameplay with breaching actions, multi-player, and the ability for multi-crewed captial ship command.

Key Features:

  • Single-Player Campaign: Dynamic missions based on current military and civilian assets. Performance alters key scripted missions that advance the story.
  • Multiple Roles: Fly as either an inteceptor or strike-fighter pilot. Both squadrons fly together each mission, performing unique tasks to achieve a common objective.
  • Study Sim-like Gameplay: Detailed simulation of ship systems, dependencies and damage.
  • You're in Command: Full control of your ship and its systems from pre-flight to post.
  • Fly it Your Way: Your Ship's Onboard Intelligence (SOI) can be optioned to take over low-level system functions for a lighter sim experience.
  • Between Mission Gameplay: Freely move within your Orbital Station in FPS mode.
  • Various Periphial Support: Map any command to any key, or any button/axis of up to three game controller devices. 6 DOF TrackIR support. Planned Oculus Rift VR support.

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