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Strategizer: Art of Defense

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: White Titan Games
Release Date: 2013

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'Strategizer: Art of Defense' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens

by Rainier on March 12, 2013 @ 12:06 p.m. PDT

Strategizer: Art of Defense is a game that blurs the lines between traditional Real Time Strategy and the modern simplistic Tower Defense formula, by merging some of the key gameplay features.

Long-time RTS fans will feel a sense of familiarity, as they gather resources, construct buildings and defend from on-coming attackers, all in a dynamic 'TD' setting.

Featuring 2 factions, an epic campaign mode, a weekly tournament, attractive yet simple visuals and a plethora of weapons and special abilities to research and customise, Strategizer: Art of Defense is shaping up to be the biggest Tower Defense game of its kind, with unprescedented levels of depth and longevity. 

White Titan Games began development in 2012, and they managed to self-fund the process until now, their Kickstarter goal is to raise £10,000 by April 4th, 2013.

“We’ve wanted to create a TD game that didn't suffer from the weaknesses we felt other such games inherited from the genre: a limited involvement in gameplay, and short life-span in terms of longevity. Strategizer: Art of Defense is now shaping up into becoming the biggest game of its genre, with unprecedented levels of depth and longevity”, says Ben Perchard, White Titan Games.

Starting out with only a small camp, some basic weapons and not much else - you will be tasked with defending the area. Gather resources, stop enemy advances, attack enemy bases, defeat bosses, and collect new equipment along the way. 

Over your journey, build bigger and better bases, defend with more advanced weapons, call in air support, super turrets, and alien technology. Research new equipment, travel to new worlds with new dangers, and earn medals for completeing missions and secondary objectives.

Even if you complete the campaign and unlock all the achievements and medals, more planets will be added over time with new levels, themes and enemies. There is a weekly tournament to compete for the high score, and plans for a multiplayer mode...

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