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Borderlands 2

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
Release Date: Sept. 18, 2012 (US), Sept. 21, 2012 (EU)

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'Borderlands 2' (ALL) Unveils New Class, Level Cap Increase Details At Pax - Trailer

by Rainier on March 14, 2013 @ 3:18 p.m. PDT

Borderlands 2 is the ultimate 4-player role-playing shooter loot fest, featuring all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment, which come together in an ambitiously crafted story.

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Living up to the mantra “bigger, better and more badass,” Borderlands 2 features all-new characters; skills; imaginative, diverse new environments with unique missions and enemies; and more exciting and fun weapons, equipment and loot than ever before. All of these features come together in a story that takes players to the world of Pandora to take down the notorious Handsome Jack and his corrupt Hyperion Corporation as a solo campaign or with up to four cooperative players.

Borderlands 2 will allow friends to play together locally via split-screen, as well as online with drop-in-drop-out capabilities. With seamless cooperative gameplay and action, Borderlands 2 is extremely accessible for gamers and their friends to play alone or together in a variety of configurations.

At Pax East (Boston) Gearbox will have a panel discussion consisting of Randy Pitchford (CEO), Mikey Neumann (Chief Creative Champion), Anthony Burch (Lead Writer for Borderlands 2), Paul Hellquist (Creative Director for Borderlands 2), where it will give fans a behind the scenes look at Gearbox Software and all your favorite Gearbox games including Borderlands 2, and other Gearbox franchises. 

And you can’t forget about all the never before seen reveals, exclusives and surprises! 

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