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Secret World Legends

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Funcom
Developer: Funcom
Release Date: July 3, 2012

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'The Secret World' (ALL) Update Adds Storyline, PvP Ranking, Weapon, New Raid

by Rainier on March 15, 2013 @ 8:39 a.m. PDT

Secret World Legends plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural in an adventure that crosses our world with the realms of ancient myth and legend.

An ancient, dreaming evil stirs. Dangerous creatures awaken. The Earth is in mortal peril. The wonders and horrors of the secret world are re-emerging in our world. The time has come to take up arms in the war between good & evil. Warriors and champions of Gaia, your training is about to begin. Rise. You have been chosen.

For there really is a world within ours, a secret world, where magic exists, monsters roam and ancient forces are fighting for the dominance of earth. It is a world of legendary stories, ageless conflicts and powerful cabals. In this world, even modern cities hide secrets. In this world, players can take part in the greatest conspiracies of our age, and battle the forces of darkness across the world and throughout time.

How would you like to fight on top of trains, travel through time and battle enemies with a whip from ancient times? Well, now you can, in Funcom’s modern-day MMO ‘The Secret World’. Funcom is excited to announce the release of Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, a major new update that expands the game with all new content. The focus of this update is the new storyline taking place in The Scorched Desert. Players will be taken on a long and action-filled journey, packed with new missions and side missions which offer hours of new content. The new missions in The Last Train to Cairo lets players battle the crazed cultists of Aten, travel back in time to unearth powerful artifacts and fight atop a moving train in the climactic end scenes.

The update also contains many other new features. Players can now learn to use the new Whip Auxiliary Weapon. The Whip is great for doing damage to groups of enemies, can encourage the entire team to run faster with a handy buff or trip enemies and pull them towards you. Many new player vs. player enhancements are also in this update. Players can now earn PvP Experience Points which give them ranks and a new form of currency which can be used to purchase fresh PvP uniforms.

Veteran Points are now given to members for each month they are or have been a member. These points can be used to gain unique items in the Item Store. Anyone recruiting a new player now also earns Veteran Points equal to one month of membership. A new Lair Raid is also introduced to the game. Players can band together in groups of ten to take on a brutal new foe, trapped in a prison between dimensions. This Lair Raid will go live once final testing is done on the Test Live server.

Members get three days of early access to DLC #6, while it becomes available for non-members in the Item Store on Sunday the 17th of March. The general features in this update are available to everyone who plays The Secret World.

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