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Runes of Magic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH (EU), Frogster America (US)
Developer: Runewaker
Release Date: March 19, 2009

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'Runes of Magic' Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With In-Game Events

by Rainier on March 19, 2013 @ 8:35 a.m. PDT

With an extensive range of features Runes of Magic prepares to redefine the standard of free-to-play MMO games. Even at the beginning Runes of Magic conveys its absorbing story in over 5,000 quests embedded in an atmospheric world.

Runes of Magic has redefined the standard for free-to-play MMORPGs in terms of gameplay, fun and quality. The online role-playing game has an exciting, multi-layered story, driven by more than 2,800 quests set in the fantasy world of Taborea. To date, Runes of Magic has attracted more than three million registered users, making it one of the most successful free-to-play titles on the market, and a must play game for all fans of RPGs and MMO games.

Runes of Magic features a unique dual class system enabling players to combine one of eight primary classes with a secondary class. The result is a deep player experience that expands upon the game’s broad customization offering. There are two different playable races, Elves and Humans, from which players can choose. Each dual class combination produces its own powerful elite skills. Another popular feature is the opportunity to furnish your own virtual home, and guilds can construct guild castles, which can be expanded with additional buildings. Thanks to comprehensive crafting and reputation systems, gripping PvP features, deep customization and demanding dungeons, Runes of Magic has something for everyone. Taiwanese developer Runewaker regularly expands the game world with new free content and challenges.

Throughout the birthday week, players will be offered all kinds of events and contests, during which they will receive valuable items and hefty bonuses for their characters. With around 8 million accounts and 12 million characters created in total, this Gameforge title is one of the most successful free-to-play MMORPGs in the genre. To this day, the adventurous world of Taborea continues to captivate players in Europe, Australia, and North America.

In-Game Events and Contests in the Birthday Week from 19th – 26th March
Runes of Magic players can look forward to a birthday celebration full of special events. In the Gift Swap, Taborean heroes have the opportunity to receive valuable items through trading with special NPCs, while the XP/TP/Drop Event offers generous bonuses on experience points, talent points, and the item drop rate. Under the motto, ”Let’s Celebrate!”, the community is called upon to post festive birthday screenshots in the Runes of Magic forum and on Facebook. Various desirable items will be awarded to participants who submit particularly impressive snapshots. Detailed information on all the birthday events can be found on the official homepage.

Four Years of Runes of Magic – A Success Story
Since the game was launched on the 19th of March 2009, the world of Taborea has continually been expanded and developed. The history of Runes of Magic now stretches over five substantial chapters, which guarantee countless hours of compelling adventure. With around 8 million accounts created, the game is one of the most successful free-to-play fantasy MMOs on the market. To date, players have created around 12 million characters – which is approximately the number of people living in the greater Paris area.

Runes of Magic is free-to-play MMO, currently available worldwide.

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