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The Big Blue

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Playchemy
Release Date: April 22, 2014

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'The Big Blue' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding

by Rainier on March 25, 2013 @ 12:15 p.m. PDT

From the creators Ecco the Dolphin comes the next generation, underwater, action/adventure game, The Big Blue.

In The Big Blue players will experience the ocean like never before. The look and feel of this game will be strikingly beautiful and at the same time mysterious and terrifying. The ocean, especially a million years in the future, is the perfect setting for a unique game play experience.

Playchemi is looking to crowd source The Big Blue and is looking for $665,000 through Kickstarter.

If that goal is reached the first version of the Big Blue will be a single player adventure game, but if the campaign exceeds that by 50% the game will get multiplayer, cooperative game play.  Players will be able to share environments, creatures, and complete quests as teams. If the developer can reach 2X their goal they will be able make the Big Blue an MMO.

Using Artificial-life technologies, the Big Blue will be teaming with life.  Swarming and flocking behaviors will give the ocean a hyper realistic, living feel. Everything in the Big Blue will be alive and reactive. The developers' goal is to create the most beautiful water and lighting effects ever seen. Our team has a lot of experience in this area and we plan to push it to the limit.  

Using procedural animation system the creatures of the Big Blue will be very lifelike. The movements through the water, and even above the surface, will be perfect and super realistic. 

At the very heart of the concept, the Big Blue is all about sound and music. The music is not just an accompaniment to the visuals and gameplay, but is at the heart of the experience. To this end we are creating a specialized sound system, a musical engine that will run continuously as you play the game. Parameters and player's interactions will drive music and keep it fluid and in emotional context with the visuals and events that occur in the game. 

Bear McCreary, known for The Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica, says "Spencer Nilsen's groundbreaking videogame scores not only changed the industry, but also my idea of what videogame music could be when I was a kid. His scores were years ahead of their time and their influence can be heard in all the most popular videogame scores of today, especially the ones I composed! I'm thrilled to collaborate with him on Ed Annunziata's exciting new project, The Big Blue, and look forward to combining our unique musical sensibilities into one cohesive musical vision."

The moment-to-moment gameplay will be action oriented. Some creatures will be very fast, and can breach the surface like the dolphins. Some can swim very deep and have no need to surface for air. Choosing the right creature for the right quest will be critical.

The world of the Big Blue takes place a million years in the future. This futuristic time frame allows new creatures to evolve. A key member of the Big Blue team is Jon Berg, who designed the walkers in the Empire Strikes Back, and the chessboard creatures from the original Star Wars.

  • Singers (Sea Mammals): These are dolphins, killer whales, and whales. These creatures are our our playable characters and Non-Playable characters.
  • Leviathans: Leviathans are massive creatures, which can only be described as sea monsters. In the world of the Big Blue nothing is bigger than a Leviathan, which make blue whales of today look like minnows.
  • Sea-Dragons: Sea Dragons are a new species of creature. They are fast and able to fly above the surface for short distances. Sea Dragons are extremely intelligent and are able to swim to depths that no other creature can. Sea Dragons are very rare and elusive. You may play the big blue for months and never see one. If you do, beware, they could be deadly.
  • Gyreforms: Gyreforms are strange malignant life forms that evolved from the accumulation of plastic trash in the pacific gyre.  Since it evolved from plastic, this parasitic life form is NOT organic.

All creatures are controllable in the Big Blue, and many can be spawned as pets or helpers. The game will feature a system that allows alphanumeric codes to share creatures outside of the game. 

Creature-Cards allow players to collect creatures and share and trade with their friends.  Some creatures will be common, some rare, and some extremely rare. For example white dolphins will be extremely rare, because they will only be available to Kickstarer contributors.

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