All Points Bulletin: Vendetta

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Reloaded Productions

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'All Points Bulletin: Vendetta' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Trailer

by Rainier on March 27, 2013 @ 10:34 a.m. PDT

APB Vendetta is an extreme agility shoot-and-slash FPS with unique fighting-game inspired characters, and easy-to-mod server tools.

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APB Vendetta is a character-driven extreme mobility competitive shooter, inspired by the APB Reloaded universe, built on an entirely new high-agility game system featuring; extreme movement mechanics, melee combat, dual wield weapons, character-specific finishing moves, a fighting-game ethos, customizable private servers, modding tools and an upgraded game engine using the latest (2013) version of Unreal 3.

APB Vendetta is a buy-to-play game where players receive all guns, characters and game affecting items upfront, with optional monthly server rentals for on-demand managed and modded servers. If you already play APB Reloaded, then APB Vendetta can connect to its predecessor and you can share “Premium Account Status” between the two games. One long-term stretch goal includes expansive tools to export non-game-play affecting visual customized items from APB Reloaded to APB Vendetta as part of future mod and ops toolkits. By backing our Kickstarter you empower us to create this separate dedicated development team expanding the APB universe.

Reloaded Productions has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game and is looking for $300,000.

Vendetta is first and foremost a game about swift and energetic movement. Run on walls, slow down time, kick weapons from the hands of opponents, throw katanas, smash through environmental objects, slide backwards while shooting and earn extra-points performing ultra-stylish take-downs. We have designed a super responsive game mechanic so your movement creativity will be a core part of the game-play.

Vendetta is a high lethality game, and staying on the move while adjusting your visual profile is critical to your survival. When you kill enemies, the value of your kill is based on your previous movement combinations, so the more you use the Vendetta Combo System the higher your score. For example; a sliding kill is worth more than a standard kill, but a sequence with a sliding, wall-running headshot is worth significantly more. 


Everyone knows the score; San Paro mayor Jane Derren signs the City Security Act into law. Vigilantism becomes legal overnight and the glossy covers of Effigy Magazine makes media gods of murderers and vigilantes. Predictably, the city goes crazy, its seedy characters driven mad by lust for fame and fortune. The rest of the world looks on in horror as a once proud city commits a fiery suicide.

Then a moment of hope; the discovery of a new, naturally occurring chemical dubbed Sapphire Blue in the area means the city can start producing something more valuable than blood filled images on the nightly news.

But the universe has a cruel sense of humor. 

Sapphire Blue turns out to be the perfect designer drug for private military companies and mercenaries the world over; enhancing healing, aggression, speed and reflexes. The rest of the world looks on in envy as one of its most damaged cities becomes the exclusive producer of the world’s most desired substance, and the resulting mayhem spreads far beyond the city limits. Organizations spring up overnight feeding the region’s expanding appetite for illicit goods and instruments of death.

As the violence escalates, a handful of recent arrivals, all supremely talented individuals, including some famous San Paro-ites, are starting to play a dominant role in the brave new Sapphire Blue fueled world... 

Some Vendettas are just business, others are deeply personal...

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