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Auto Club Revolution

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Eutechnyx
Release Date: March 29, 2012

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'Auto Club Revolution' Title Update Adds Weather Conditions - Screens

by Rainier on March 28, 2013 @ 9:01 a.m. PDT

Auto Club Revolution is a browser based racing game where you can customise your dream cars and show them off, test drive and examine vehicles, buy and sell your creations, and even enter thrilling multiplayer races designed for fun at every skill level.

Crafted in close collaboration with the world's greatest car manufacturers, ACR combines visually stunning fully-licensed vehicles and parts with extensive community features to deliver a completely new way for car enthusiasts to interact with their obsessions. All within a browser, players can customise their dream cars (or what they drove to work this morning) and show them off, test drive and examine vehicles, buy and sell their creations, and even enter thrilling multiplayer races designed for fun at every skill level.

Jaguar, Lotus, Bugatti, McLaren, Pagani, BMW, Mini, Bentley and Chevrolet are just some of the 45 plus manufacturers who have provided Eutechnyx with detailed information in order to faithfully recreate their model ranges. Not only will current and historical cars be featured in Auto Club Revolution, but several of these companies will be premiering concept and pre-production cars in the game, giving players their first ever taste of the latest cars prior to commercial release.

With the roads now wet, the soaked conditions bring a whole new dimension to the game, offering challenges to both new players and veterans alike. Players will be putting their racing skills and reactions to the test with the option to speed through the urban settings and licensed circuits in the slick wet setting. Wet kerbs and grass will prove hazardous and players will have to re-evaluate the risks of gaining these precious few seconds.

Not only adding to the gameplay, the damp tracks also provide a new atmospheric style Racing with limited visibility and reduced grip, players will have to keep their eyes on the road while taking in the distinctive new visuals.

"Wet environments offer racers a dynamic way to race in Auto Club Revolution. Weather conditions are a premium feature and being able to deliver this level of content in a free to play game show ACR’s continued commitment to the ensuring we offer premium content to our players. We have taken time and care to create our wet track system, so that it has a real effect on the player experience. The wet surroundings will have varying affects across a range of surface types, we wanted the player to have to rethink their racing styles and adapt to this new feature." Mark McClumpha, Technical Director, Auto Club Revolution.

More title updates have taken place over the month of March, please see below for a full recap of title updates that have improved the racing experience:

Title Updates:

  • Updated the wall-to-car friction for fairer racing
  • New host migration process improving connections in multiplayer races
  • New HUD maps for Hockenheim Short A and Short B for easier track   navigation
  • Handling updates to ensure a more accurate top speed of cars through optimisation of car's aerodynamics
  • Fixed an issue causing settings not to save when set in the client
  • Fixed an issue which caused cars to 'bottom out' and slow down on corners on Daytona
  • Optimised racing line on Circuit de Spa
  • Camera shake effect introduced to increase sense of speed when racing
  • Racers will now have 30 seconds to finish the race once the winner crosses the line
  • Issue which caused players to stick at 100% loaded when in a race lobby, instead of becoming 'ready' has been fixed
  • Brand new Homepage style and layout, providing easier navigation when switching between single and multiplayer options
  • New tutorial style - tutorial shown as part of home page
  • Improved car view on the Homepage
  • New car challenges, every car now has its own set of challenges
  • New Daily challenges replacing the Beta challenges
  • Achievement pop-ups will now display one at a time
  • Track Payout Update
  • New Track Select - replacement to the current drop down menu
  • Gearbox settings (manual, automatic etc) can now be specified in your profile settings
  • Network connectivity fixes and client updates to improve stability and reduce crashes
  • A new penalty system replaces the Penalty Zone based system used until now. Time spent with 3 or more wheels off the track is a potential penalty, upon returning to the track the system calculates any advantage gained and adds this to the total race time in the form of a "penalty time".  Upon race completion, finishing position are calculated by adding race times to penalty times for a Total Time and racers are then arranged in order by their Total Time to establish finishing positions. Once finsihing, players enter a Pending status while all players finish and Total Times can be calculated.  Payouts are awarded once the pending status has finished
  • Retro-rewarding of Car Mastery achievements. Users who completed the conditions for car mastery challenges before the launch of car mastery will have them retro-completed on their account and any rewards automatically given.Note: Total Distance Driven challenges are not retro-fitted onto the player account
  • Retro accepting of German T&Cs. German users will be asked to view and agree to updated terms and conditions

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