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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
Developer: Exato Game Studios
Release Date: July 11, 2013

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'Guncraft' Picked Up By Reverb - Screens

by Rainier on March 6, 2013 @ 12:19 p.m. PST

Guncraft's Voxel style gives users a retro and easily customizable environment to create levels in a fully destructible modern warfare environment.

Guncraft is a voxel-based first person shooter that boasts fully destructible environments, the ability to construct individual blocks or full structures in a single click, tons of killstreak rewards such as helicopters, jetpacks, bunker buster missiles, drones, and turrets, and a fully featured map creation tool that also features a Minecraft map importing function (using the Substrate C# engine). Play traditional modes like Deathmatch and CTF, or totally unique modes like Lava Survival and Siege Mode. On top of that, there are standalone servers, peer hosted servers, clan support and friends lists, in and out of game chat, leaderboards, and much, much more.

“To anyone who has ever played Minecraft and said ‘I wish I could shoot my friend in the face,’ Guncraft has you covered,” said Ted Lange, executive producer, Reverb Publishing. “Exato has taken the best features of sandbox games and fused them with shooting elements to give players all the tools needed to create a fully personalized FPS experience. You are only limited by your imagination as you create unique maps, characters and weapons.”

“Working with Reverb Publishing provides us with great sales, marketing and public relations support,” said John Getty, executive producer/lead game designer, Exato Game Studios. “Guncraft has been wildly successful with our beta players. Now we’re working with a great partner who loves the game as much as we do and is conveying this to their extensive network of fans, media and industry stalwarts.”

Marrying the addictive nature of block building sandbox games with the speed and competition of modern first-person shooters, Guncraft has been wowing gamers with wild game modes in its on-going beta.

Guncraft brings unique game modes and features that celebrate the distinct nature of the game, such as:

  • Build up defenses and destroy enemy fortresses within all game modes, decimating rival defenses on the fly
  • 7+ outlandish game modes for up to 16 players (Online/LAN), including:
    • “Lava Survival” mode where magma slowly rises as players build upward to avoid the instant orange death. It’s a new variation of “Last Man Standing”
    • “Onslaught Mode” mode, where four players band together to fight off endless waves of deadly robot spiders, soldiers, drones, and aircraft
  • Create custom levels and characters
  • Voxel design married with hardcore FPS elements: Player controlled vehicles, perk/killstreak, class loadouts, clan system, and ranks
  • HUGE DLC Roadmap driven by the community, for the community, ranging from new modes to Gun Crafting and Skin Crafting

Guncraft has been submitted to Valve’s Steam Greenlight project, which allows members of the Steam community to vote for games that they’d like to see available on the service. Vote today!

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