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Alea Jacta Est

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: ageod

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'Alea Jacta Est' v1.02a Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 7, 2013 @ 4:00 p.m. PST

Alea Jacta Est is a new strategy game focused on the Roman Empire's tumultuous history of generals and wannabe emperors marching on the capital to claim power for themselves.

Get the Alea Jacta Est v1.02a Patch off WP (50mb)

“Alea Jacta Est” takes you from the first titanic clashes in the 1st century BC to the chaos following the assassination of Commodus in 193 AD in the first PC game to focus on the Roman Civil Wars. Five scenarios will challenge even the most ambitious and savvy desktop commander

The v1.02a  update for Alea Jacta Est fixes some bugs, minor AI problems and greatly improves gameplay and modding. Graphics are enhanced with new pictures for leaders and new units are also added. Many other features and upgrade are also included in this update.


- fixing a rare battle result bug in Assaults
- fixing blockade of straits
- fixing rare auto-garrison versus slave revolts bug
- Support units will always be considered having zero in patrol, meaning they don't pin down enemies
- Unit auto upgrade is improved
- Fixing warmap ledger (F6) tooltips

- Fix to Military recruitment icon (the Eagle) glitch in some lower resolutions


- Various texts corrections, bios and translations added

Great Mithridatic War scenario:
- fix to initial setup of Pontic forces (no ships in armies !)
- Crassus Consul option disabled by Spartacus death

- small tweak to icons placements in Rhegium, Messana, Tyndaris, Eryx, Panormus and Volsinii regions

“Alea Jacta Est” includes:

  • A command and supply system that models the command structure of the ancient period
  • Simplified construction and recruitment of units to get you into the fighting quicker
  • Special wild card actions you take on the map to give yourself a fighting edge
  • Historical events you must respond to, enhancing replayability with multiple paths
  • A battle system adapted to reflect the realities of hand to hand and siege combat
  • Oover a thousand historical leaders and almost 3000 territories to cover on a beautifully drawn map of the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Support for up to three players in some of the larger scenarios

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