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Big-Concepts Joins The Crowd-Funding Frenzy With New Platform

by Rainier on April 3, 2013 @ 9:35 a.m. PDT

Big-Concepts announced the launch of their crowd funding platform, and to celebrate it is dropping its own commission on all campaigns that occur during the next 60 days.

Big-Concepts allows people to utilize social media in order to reach out to people who believe in them and their concepts. The company has tailored themselves especially to creative people and small businesses.

Kevin Rucker, CEO of Big-Concepts said, “we help dreamers, designers, artists, gamers, techies, and business owners find the support they need to build, produce, and create their very own Big-Concepts.” It is very hard for companies and creative projects to succeed without money to fund the start-up costs. Big-Concepts helps to eradicate this problem.

There are many reasons why crowdfunding has been so effective. With crowdfunding, it is easier for people to disseminate their goals and their business plans to the general public and gain support. Social media promotion via tweets and Facebook posts allow others to further dispel these campaigns to their own networks once they are involved and further spread the word.

In order to generate buzz and new users, Big-Concepts is providing 100% funding to those who create funding campaigns by May 31, 2013. Big-Concepts is dedicated to the success of those trying to raise money for the concepts they are most passionate about and proud of, so they have offered to scrap their commission for 60 days to give the fundraisers full profits.

Game developers, new technology, inventions, design fashion, art, music, and filmmakers are a few of the categories who typically receive significant funding from effective crowdfunding campaigns. Through a continuous online fundraiser, it makes it possible for people – anywhere and at any time – to support a cause or organization that they believe in.

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