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Son of Nor

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: stillalive studios

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'Son of Nor' Launches Kickstarter Campaign - New Screens

by Rainier on April 30, 2013 @ 11:22 p.m. PDT

Son of Nor is an action adventure set in a dynamic desert world that can be shaped by the player’s powers. Challenging puzzles, dynamic sand manipulations and an innovative magic system await you.

Get the Son of Nor Trailer off WP (55mb)

Son of Nor is a 3rd person action adventure game set in a desert world where human kind is on the brink of extinction at the hands of the Sarahul; an evil race of reptilian creatures bent on the destruction of human civilisation. Players become humanity´s last hope for survival in an epic struggle to hold back the Sarahul hordes and change the destiny of the entire planet.

Son of Nor can be played in single player mode, co-operatively with up to four players online or two player split screen on one computer. Many of the obstacles and puzzles players will come across will require teamwork to solve.

In Son of Nor, players command unique force abilities with which they must fight, solve puzzles and ultimately stay alive. These abilities include telekinesis, powerful magic spells and terraforming; manipulation of the game world itself, something that has not been seen to this extent before in a video game!

stillalive studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3rd person action adventure Son of Nor, with a goal of $150,000 to fund the rest of the game´s development.

The studio has been working tirelessly on Son of Nor for more than a year and has completed almost 25% of the game to-date. However as the project has been largely personally funded, with a little governmental support, the studio needs additional funding to bring this innovative and unique title to market.

“We have dedicated ourselves to the development of Son of Nor and we have a game we are so proud of but now we need some extra funds to get us over the line and get our game to market.” said Julian Mautner, founder of stillalive studios.

As Son of Nor is now in a playable state the team believes it is the right time to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to help bring their unique and fresh take on 3rd person action adventure to market in a good time frame.

“We are currently in a very exciting phase of development with the game and are really starting to see the story come to life and hope that gamers and Kickstarter community members will see what we see in our game and get behind us to get it over the finish line.” said Christoph Polus, Producer at stillalive studios.

The 30 day Kickstarter campaign launched today with the team looking to raise a minimum of $150,000 to help make Son of Nor a reality. Supporters of the project can get involved by pledging as little as $5 and will be rewarded with exclusive offers such as: copies of the game in digital form and collectors boxes, the opportunity to have a say on the progress of the games development and the chance to immortalise yourself in-game by becoming an NPC, or for a $2,500 pledge, a playable character by backing the title.

"We have seen some amazing titles gather some tremendous support from the Kickstarter community and have seen the passion that exists there for great and innovative new games. We have all lived and breathed games our whole lives. Kickstarter will give us the opportunity to put Son of Nor out there and see if what we are offering fires the interest and support of gamers like we believe it will. Plus we want to be able to involve our supporters in the ongoing development of the game, take critique and grow and develop Son of Nor together - just like a multiplayer game!." Mautner concluded.

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