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Revolution Under Siege

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Matrix Games
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2010

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'Revolution Under Siege' v1.06a Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 8, 2013 @ 9:42 a.m. PDT

Revolution Under Siege is a simultaneous turn based historical wargame that puts you in charge of one of the factions that fought the Russian Civil War (1917-1923).

Get the Revolution Under Siege 1.06a Patch off WP (100mb)

From a ragtag group of volunteers create the powerful Red Army, using all the weaponry and equipment at your disposal: planes, tanks, armored trains, Cheka troops and the Konarmia (the famous Red Cavalry). Or, on the opposite side, gather all patriots and reform the elite divisions that shall save Holy Mother Russia. Can you succeed in crushing the Bolshevik hydra? Or will the people’s Revolution prevail? Several sides are playable: Trotsky’s Red Army, Denikin’s white counterrevolutionary forces of Southern Russia, Kolchak’s Siberians, Finnish from both sides, or the newly independent Polish troops led by Marshal Piłsudski. Revolution Under Siege is based on the AGE engine, famous from titles such as AGEOD's American Civil War or Wars in America, renown and awarded wargames.

The v1.06a update contains massive Alias corrections in Scenario setups (e.g. in Ice March and Grand Campaign), Events (e.g. Poland Scenario and Drang Nach Osten) and much more. The update also includes new leader portraits and Spanish text translations.

Check below the full change list:

• Python script checks run
◦ Duplicate Aliases resolved in Colors, Fonts, Move Types, Terrains, Sounds
◦ Aliases corrected in:

▪ Settings file AI.opt

▪ Scenario setups
• Ice March
• Grand Campaign
• 1918 November
• 1919 May

▪ Events
• Drang Nach Osten [several events and options files]
• Poland Scenario
• Get New Leader Options for Grand Campaign, 1918 November, 1919 May
• White Diplomatic Options

▪ Southern White Faction file [GBR Army Name Region reference]

• Graphics
◦ Leader graphics updates for 19 leaders
◦ New leader graphics for RED E. Haapalainen and WH5 G.E. Shaplin

• Text
◦ Updates to Spanish translations
◦ Leader biographies translated to English
◦ Latest LocalStrings_AGE included

The v1.06a update is comprehensive and will bring all versions of Revolution Under Siege to v1.06a.

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