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Jagged Alliance Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: Cliffhanger Productions
Release Date: 2012

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'Jagged Alliance Online' Getting Overhauled, Coming to Steam - Screens

by Rainier on April 9, 2013 @ 9:50 a.m. PDT

Jagged Alliance Online will follow the same basic principle as its predecessors, keeping the popular mixture of tactics, strategy, role-play and management and transferring it to a modern MMO world.

Jagged Alliance Online will be built around the familiar Jagged Alliance games mechanics, which are a mixture of turn-based battles and real-time action. The player takes control of a group of soldiers, commanding them from an isometric perspective to complete tasks in order to earn cash as well as renown. If a player wants to stay on top, mercenaries will need to be trained and equipped with better weapons. If that's not quite enough, then mercenaries can be borrowed from friends or alliances can be formed with other players.

Cliffhanger Productions has been listening to the reactions from players since initially releasing the online-focused sequel to the turn-based tactics series, and the developer is reworking nearly every facet of gameplay.

Highlighted changes in 6the Steam release include:

  • Improved F2P model – all items in the shop are available through regular play, and can be earned more easily. All known pay-to-win tactics have been eliminated.
  • Total class, weapon, and armor rebalance - starting classes are more balanced, and changes to weaponry allow more freedom to customize a character to your play-style. Sniper with a heavy machinegun? Sure, why not?
  • Better PvP maps – more tactics and fewer Mexican standoffs.
  • Improved mercenary and gear rules – all mercenaries and gear are fully restored after each mission so you can immediately jump back in the game. Players should never be penalized for simply playing.
  • Action Point rebalance – increased Action Points, faster movement speeds, and reduced ready-costs make tactical maneuvering more important while creating a far more exciting gameplay experience.
  • Increased HitPoints, new critical hit rules, status effects, new  exotic weapons and armor, improved AI, and more.

Jagged Alliance Online will be available late-April (pending date confirmation) as a free-to-play PC title through Steam.

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