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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Candella Software

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'Waveryder' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on May 30, 2013 @ 12:02 a.m. PDT

Harking back to the boat racing games of the 1980s and 1990s, Waveryder combines stunning visuals and exciting arcade-style gameplay.

Get the Waveryder Demo off WP (390mb)

Set in exceptionally detailed photorealistic real-world locations such as Venice, Lake Zurich, Niagara Falls, Egypt, Paris, London, Goa and Prague, Waveryder pushes modern PC hardware to its limits.

In addition to arcade racing, the game also features a dedicated Stunt Mode. Available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, Waveryder’s unique stunt mode allows players to engage turbo and leap over some of the most stunning bridges in the world. These iconic bridges include the Calatrava Bridge (Venice), Tower Bridge (London), Charles Bridge (Prague) and Pont Neuf (Paris).

As the boats leap over the bridges, time slows down, allowing players to execute multiple acrobatic stunts. Based on the quality of their stunts, players receive achievement points and unlock trophies. All achievement points can be uploaded to a global leaderboard.

Players can also use the achievement points to unlock boats, modify and upgrade them in a fully equipped garage. In Multiplayer, Waveryder also features a Spectator Mode. Players can perch themselves on top of their favourite bridges and watch the stunts being performed by their friends or other players.

The game will be fully playable inside a browser. Players can send challenges to their Facebook, Google+ friends for multiplayer matches and upload achievement scores to both social networks.

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