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Frozen State

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Snow Arc

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'Frozen State' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding

by Rainier on June 24, 2013 @ 7:03 p.m. PDT

Frozen State is a survival based horror RPG, set in a Siberian, post apocalyptic wasteland.

The game takes place in a secret Soviet city,which was partly destroyed. You will get by, side by side, with vicious alien hybrids, ruthless bandits and other survivors like you, who haven’t lost hope. Exploring new areas, scavenging and fighting for your life, you will be making hard choices between greater good and your personal goals, which will lead you to different outcomes. 

Snow Arc are making a game which will have virtually an ultimate freedom without labeling you as a bad or a good guy, a game where your actions affect the world, a game without hordes of brainless zombies, but rather with strong and dangerous enemies. The game with tense and grim atmosphere.

Russia based developer Snow Arc has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Frozen State's development and is looking for £60,000.

In an alternate universe, where Soviet expedition discovered “something” in Tunguska, after unexplained phenomena in 1922. The mankind made huge technological breakthroughs in many areas of life and science.

Sky gave humans an unexpected gift, which spurred their technological progress: transistors, first computers, robotics, nuclear fusion, self-renewable synthetic fuel, lasers and wireless communication.

However, every medal has two sides. Humankind were playing with "fire" and violently burnt itself.

An unknown organism was accidentally discovered in the one of the extraterrestrial artefacts. The tiny parasite, a contact with it, leads to unpredictable mutations. Despite strict quarantine, the parasite broke out from the laboratories' walls and infected more than 70% of citizens in a secret Siberian city . The parasite adapts and transforms human's body to its own needs, turning its victims into vicious hybrids. 

Fear of global pandemic forced the Soviet government to bomb the city, leaving all the uninfected to die. They hoped that isolated parasite would die from starvation or hibernate again. But was it isolated? 

Three years have gone since the airstrike, which partly destroyed the city, a small number of uninfected are still alive and fighting for their lives.

Key Features:

  • Open World – gives an opportunity to roam freely around the locations in any order, without forcing one to accomplish the main story line. In addition to that, the absences of level system, which would create artificial barriers, truly open the world for exploration from the very beginning.
  • Dynamic weather – different weather conditions and cold environment will make you searching for shelter, warm clothes and balance the time between indoor and outdoor exploration.
  • Day and Night cycle – during the days, you will be facing threat from human beings like Nemostor’s patrols or other unfriendly survivors and at nights, you will be hiding from deadly creatures. In many cases, you might prefer to avoid direct conflict, but of course it will hugely depend on you character and your play style.
  • Combat systems – Real Time and Tactical (prices aiming) – you can easily switch between real time and tactical mode at any time you want. The tactical mode allows to pause the game and aim precisely at any part of the body, sometimes dealing more damage and produce less noise.
  • Micro Events System – it is a pool of events with a number of different outcomes, which can be triggered by player’s interaction with the environment. For example you have fixed a generator and turned it on, what happen next -well, you can search a building without a flashlight and some previously closed doors are now open, but the light might attract hybrids, or pipes in the basement blew up blocking the entrance, making the basement unreachable
  • Random Interiors – every new game, the interiors of some buildings as long as loot, enemies inside them and Micro Events will be randomly generated.
  • Transport – driveable retro cars
  • Companions – robots which carry your stuff and provide additional lighting, but don’t forget to fill it up with a new portion of diesel.
  • Setting – post-apocalyptic environment of a soviet, secret city, set in an alternate universe, where the discovery of a spaceship wreckage in Tunguska had a tremendous impact on technological revolution.

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