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Massive Chalice

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Release Date: June 1, 2015

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'Massive Chalice' Kickstarter Campaign In Final Stretch

by Rainier on June 26, 2013 @ 2:55 p.m. PDT

Massive Chalice is a 3D fantasy turn-based tactics game with a multi-generational twist.

In creating Massive Chalice Double Fine was inspired by classic tactical strategy games like X-COM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem, as well as Game of Thrones’ array of noble families. With these influences in mind the developers are creating an epic, replayable turn-based tactics game where the player, as an immortal king or queen, will develop a powerful dynasty over an epic century-spanning timeline, training generations of heroes to repel a demonic invasion.

The Massive Chalice Kickstarter is in the final stretch (less than 24 hours to go) and with thus far nearly $1.2 million in hand has well exceeded its initial $725,000 goal. Oddly enough there have been no additional stretch goals to aim for, but if you want to listen to a round table discussion with Double Fine's Brad Muir, John Swisshelm, Chad Dawson, and Derek Brand, then check this 60+min long YouTube video.

Muir will direct a separate internal team to develop Massive Chalice for Windows, Mac, and Linux using the Buddha Engine, Double Fine's internal 3D technology used to create games including Brütal Legend, Iron Brigade, Costume Quest, Stacking, The Cave, and more. Schafer will remain primarily focused on leading Broken Age to completion.

Backer rewards include DRM-free and Steam copies of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as a limited edition t-shirt and signed art print designed by Cory Schmitz (Soundshapes, Polygon), and the ability to name and design a noble house inside the game world.

Key Features:

  • Your story emerges as you defend against attacks, complete quests, and respond to randomized events in your attempt to preserve the kingdom.
  • Line of sight and fog of war mechanics come into play as your squad explores beautiful dynamic 3D battlefields where danger may lurk behind any corner.
  • Distinct, customizable heroes learn new melee, ranged, and arcane abilities as they age and gain combat experience.
  • Arrange marriage alliances to ensure your heroic bloodlines can handle any future combat situation.
  • Battle alongside your ancestors by equipping your heroes with uniquely powerful Bloodline Relics.
  • Invest your resources in forging new weapons and armor—and gamble on polluting a bloodline by researching dangerous demonic artifacts.

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