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Blood Bowl: Star Coach

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Cyanide
Release Date: Q2 2013

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'Blood Bowl: Star Coach' Goes Open Beta On Steam - Screens

by Rainier on June 4, 2013 @ 9:55 a.m. PDT

Based on Games Workshop's fantasy football game world, Blood Bowl: Star Coach is a free-to-play tactical multiplayer team-building game.

Dwarfs, elves, humans, and other foul creatures are back and, once more, they are determined to grind each other into the turf!

Star Coach tasks the player with creating his own Blood Bowl team (choosing from different races and players) and the development of his own offensive and defensive playbook. The player will then challenge other coaches, no matter which digital platform they play on, and choose the strategy that best fits his opponent.

The basics of this violent sport are simple: two teams, one ball. The team that carries the ball into the opponent's end zone scores a touchdown, and the team with the most touchdowns at the end of the game is the winner. But, as with the original Blood Bowl, no holds barred violence and dirty tricks are allowed!

Matches are resolved by an online server and a ranking system designates the best coaches. Coaches can develop their teams in a variety of different ways and have the opportunity to improve their teams by hiring Star Players or recruiting new staff. A ‘Cabalvision’ replay mode allows players to live out the blow-by-blow contest in full 3D!.

Thanks to player feedback, the studio will be able to make updates in order to improve the game experience and to correct any errors. Moreover, this decision helps to maintain a great relationship with players and it will mean that game development is steered by the various remarks and suggestions made. Being able to communicate early on with fans during the launch phase of the game is an important factor for gaining loads of great feedback!

Blood Bowl: Star Coach is free. It will be gradually updated with new content, either directly into the game or via the store. Additional pre-defined tactics, new training bots for practice games, boosters as well as new teams to coach are all planned. This Beta represents a major event for the studio, given that it plans to release the game on other platforms such as tablets, PCs and Macs.

To thank the first players for their contribution to this Beta, Cyanide will offer a pack of Cyans, usable in-game when Blood Bowl: Star Coach is officially launched.

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