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World of Warplanes

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Wargaming
Release Date: Nov. 13, 2013

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'World of Warplanes' Approaching Open Beta Stage, Details

by Rainier on June 4, 2013 @ 10:45 a.m. PDT

World of Warplanes is the flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation. The game continues the armored warfare theme marked in the World of Tanks and throws players into a never-ending tussle for air dominance.

World of Warplanes is the flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation. The game continues the armored warfare theme marked in the highly-acclaimed World of Tanks and will throw players into a never-ending tussle for air dominance.

Based purely on aircraft setting, World of Warplanes will allow players to build full-scale careers of virtual pilots offering machines of several key eras, staring from 1930's with biplanes and up to Korean War jet fighters that led the way to modern air forces.

World of Warplanes will feature a wide range of warbirds, each of them unique in their effectiveness and behavior. Virtual pilots will choose from three main warplane classes - single-engine light fighters capable of engaging enemies in close dogfights, heavy fighters with their deadly straight attacks, and strafing aircrafts, the fearsome threat for ground targets.

Every plane will feature multiple variations of ammo types, engines, and other crucial modules, and their various combinations will allow to pick the optimal configuration for the most effective behavior in combat.

We’re approaching the start of the Open Beta test phase, followed by the official release of World of Warplanes. Today we're going to share with you our outline for the development, how it will be handled, and what features are still in store for you, our players.

Tokens to Replace "Test Gold"

When Open Beta begins, at a date that's still to be determined, we'll perform a "hard wipe" that will reset all of achievements, planes, Credits, and Gold earned by pilots. This is a standard industry procedure to make sure we have an even playing field for all of the new pilots that join our ranks in the next phases of Open Beta.

Another element slated for a change is that we'll completely remove "Test Gold" from Warplanes, replacing it with Tokens. The number of Tokens given to each pilot will be determined by how much experience they had accumulated before the wipe, and everyone will have the option to earn more Tokens through playing in our Open Beta.

Open Beta: Stage One

The first stage of Open Beta will see the implementation of this Token system. The only exception will be Premium account status; that will be given automatically to all players.

Open Beta: Stage Two

The second stage of the Open Beta test will will have another wipe of the remaining Premium accounts and Tokens. At this point, all existing Tokens will be converted into Credits. From this point on, all Tokens earned are redemable for Premium account time.

World of Warplanes: Game Release

There will be one final server wipe before the release of World of Warplanes to ensure all players are on an equal footing in regard to Tech Tree progression, whether they were test pilots or not. 

At this point, we'll also enable Gold for purchase with real world money. Conversion of plane specific experience to Free experience will also be implemented. Expect to see a similar model to that which appears in World of Tanks.

Awards for Testers

For those of you have been actively helping us test World of Warplanes as test pilots, you will be suitably rewarded for your hard work and dedication. The level of reward will be directly related to the level of activity for each player, measured by the number of battles in which they participated.

Testers will be broken up into two groups: pilots with at least 100 battles and those with more than 700 battles across the entire testing period (from the Alpha up until World of Warplanes' release). You can check this stat in-game under Achievements or on your profile on the World of Warplanes website.

Pilots with at least 100 battles will be rewarded with an exclusive emblem and medal in game, while pilots with more than 700 battles under the belt will have access for up to three unique tester aircraft (the specifics of which will remain a secret for now). Suffice to say that these planes herald from the Soviet, German, and American branches of aviation development, two of them are fighters, and one is a ground attack aircraft.

Clear Skies Ahead

Testing of World of Warplanes is not yet complete, but is steadily approaching the end of the runway. Expect to see large scale air battles, epic victories, and heroic achievements. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to take part in testing out various types of new aircraft and the immersive and exciting air combat experience. Get airborne!

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