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Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Behold Studios
Release Date: June 18, 2013

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'Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition' Gets Dated - Trailer

by Rainier on June 6, 2013 @ 1:56 p.m. PDT

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is based on the mobile meta-RPG where players control players in-game at the dungeon master's table, with new features, improvements, and content.

Get the Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition Trailer off WP (9mb)

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition is an RPG where players take on the role of players who are playing an RPG. Assemble a group of mundane in-game friends and transform them into classic RPG fantasy classes, while the Game Master narrates the adventure within their imaginations. Control both the players and the Game Master – design encounters for your party, and then slay the monsters for all the XP and loot your character sheets can hold.

Leveling up the original mobile title, there’s a hoard of new features, including new character options, a lengthier campaign, raid-friendly dungeons, and much more. The Digital Deluxe Edition will also include a strangely familiar wizard character in a yellow robe, an extra in-game map where experience farming meets crop farming, and special sci-fi nerd treasures for the GM’s room.

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition can be pre-ordered for $9.99, and there is a premium Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Digital Deluxe Edition for $14.99 which comes with plenty of extra loot and an absurdly long title.

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