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Drox Operative

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Soldak Entertainment
Release Date: Q1 2012

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'Drox Operative' v1.015 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 17, 2013 @ 8:52 p.m. PDT

Drox Operative is a starship action RPG with warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer.

Get the Drox Operative v1.015 Patch Off WP (5mb)

Drox Operative v1.015 Fixes:

  • now stop controller rumble if paused
  • fixed controller rumble when turning off screen shake (Castruccio)
  • now reducing power load and increasing durability are toggles instead of one time things
  • decreased durability mult modifier per level from 0.0333 to 0.02
  • increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels
  • increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels even more in expansion (IotA)
  • now show and enforce level of chips so you don't accidentally create a component that you can no longer use (IotA)
  • fixed sensor overlord range confusion and price (Tuidjy)
  • now defenders of destroyed planets don't disappear immediately (unless last planet) (Draciel)
  • fixed demands from players (Foxstab/homyak555)
  • changed max number of sounds on OSX to 64 which fixes AL_INVALID_OPERATION errors when lots of sounds are being played
  • each race should no longer send more than 1 bounty hunter after the player(s) at a time
  • fixed uses less energy modifiers getting put on cloaking devices (Tuidjy) (IotA)
  • freeze weapons that don't do damage should no longer get damage bonuses (Tuidjy) (IotA)
    special weapons should no longer get damage bonuses (Cardinal Ape) (IotA)
  • stasis field and gravity well generator now have value
  • increased damage control effectiveness by 60%
  • changed chips to use computer model in space (Valgor) (IotA)
  • added Scavenger Operative achievement (Valgor) (IotA)
  • added a controller rumble option (Castruccio)
  • now reset joystick option resets mouse move and enable options also (Castruccio)
  • added a message when resurrect race quest goes wrong (Tuidjy) (IotA)
  • no longer add race name to Resurrect Race quest announcement (IotA)
  • now Ascarid and Peacekeeper missiles have effect/sound when they change (IotA)
  • added more Ancients dialog (IotA)
  • fixed some of the ancient races using the wrong description (Tuidjy) (IotA)
  • now dpad names should show up on use slots (Castuccio)
  • minor improvements to the UI
  • added some more scavenger dialog (IotA)
  • rewrote bare bones description a little (Valgor) (IotA)
  • changed "ship corpses" to "ship wrecks" in scavenger description (Valgor) (IotA)
  • fixed structure/armor plating % issue on mechanic bonus skill (Evan)
  • fixed human demand text
  • fixed a Drox capitalize issue in the Hezog race description. (ScrObot) (IotA)
  • fixed some Hezog misspellings (Tuidjy) (IotA)

Eons ago the Drox ruled the galaxy through their mighty Operatives. These elite starship captains were trained to accomplish the impossible at whatever cost necessary. Whether employing stealth or brute force, they were always deadly. Using these Operatives, the Drox built a starlane system for quick travel amongst the stars, colonized and conquered millions of planets, and ruled the galaxy with an iron grip for over 100,000 years. Eventually realizing their Operatives were a threat, they attempted to assassinate all of them. They failed. The following Galactic Civil War was devastating.

Thousands of years later, the Drox are extinct, but the secretive Drox Operative guild lives on. They have learned their lesson though: loyalty to any one race is foolish. They now work for whoever can pay. And pay they do! Empires might span hundreds of planets and thousands of ships, but when a critical task arises, they still turn to an Operative.

In the new space race, the major races are scouting, colonizing, and expanding, trying to take over the galaxy by diplomacy, technology, war, or any other means their scheming minds can contemplate.

As a Drox Operative it's NOT your job to manage all of those annoying people, build thousands of buildings, play nice with your enemies, or balance the budget. It IS your job to pick the winning side and maybe even help them conquer the galaxy if you're being nice, more importantly though is to rake in as many credits as possible, well that and build the coolest, deadliest ship in the known universe. Not many screw with an Operative captaining a Dreadnaught!

Key Features

  • Explore a dynamic and evolving galaxy
  • Explore a unique sector of the galaxy in every game, with different "monsters", ship components, quests, and even races
  • Fight in the galactic war between the various alien races
  • Battle hundreds of different enemy starships
  • Build the coolest and deadliest starship in the galaxy
  • Outfit your ship with thousands of components and crew
  • Adventure with your friends with co-op multiplayer

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