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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Glasswing Studio

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'Insection' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding, Greenlight Approval - Screens

by Rainier on July 3, 2013 @ 10:51 a.m. PDT

Insection features over-the-top 3D action as four players team up as a ragtag mercenary band trying to save the galaxy from an infestation of angry insects.

Insection aims to create a unique gameplay experience, in which the player is immersed in the game’s universe and each moment feels real. The goal is for each play-through of Insection to be different, something achieved with the variety of gameplay features and modes we have designed.

Inspired by some of the most influential genre defining sci-fi shooters of our time, we aim to create a game that will give players a sting from the past, when shooters were fast paced and health didn’t regenerate automatically.

In Insection you join a rag tag crew of 4 military veterans that pursue a career in the newly inhabited universe, doing any job available, from ‘cargo’ escort to ‘clean-up’ to straight-up-mercenary operations.

Taking the role of the game’s character - Dante, Derek, Dona or Dylan - you will get to experience the vibrant stylized world of Insection and find out what’s really going on. Your participation in the battle is crucial in order to progress through the story. You do this by completing goals in the missions, while shredding through alien insects hordes with your team.

Greece based indie developer Glasswing Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Insection, looking for a total of £280,000.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can receive a number of rewards, including:

  • In-game pets designed exclusively for Kickstarter Backers
  • Limited Packs, with access to Alpha and Beta versions, exclusively designed skins and early access to competitive mode
  • QUAD PACK, which includes four game keys to share with friends
  • BackerBox, an amazing numbered Collector’s Box
  • Opportunities to participate in the game’s development, and even travel to Greece to meet the team
  • A limited and numbered character statuette
  • And a bevy of hi-res wallpapers and physical art

At the same time Insection is also awaiting approval on Greenlight for fans interested in expressing their support on Steam.

Insection takes place in a futuristic universe, a couple hundred years from now. After the Final World War, mankind inhabited other planets and has spread around the universe. Their first stop: New Earth.

The team gets involved in Insection’s story when it was summoned by OMNIA Industries, the corporation holding the monopoly around the universe in almost everything. Omnia hires the team to regain control of space, trade and mining stations -even whole planets- that are threatened by a new unknown alien insect species that is spreading around the galaxy, threatening OMNIA’s profit and the lives of many innocent civilians.


  • Intelligent and Adaptive A.I.: The H.I.V.E A.I. reads and acknowledges every move you make. The insects know when they have been hit and act accordingly, while they report back to the hive to strategically spawn more and more powerful insects to take you out. The A.I. also reads your skills, how well you wield a weapon and which one, calling the appropriate reinforcements that will be more resistant to the weapon you’re using. You’d better wield the other weapons as well as your favorite one.
  • Augmentations: At the beginning of each level you get to choose augmentations for your character that will give you that little extra push in battle. Carefully designed, augmentations will not unbalance the game, and will add to the fun.
  • Arsenal: The weapons available are more than appropriate to take out whole colonies of insects. Featuring secondary fire and aim-down-sights modes, your weapons are able to dissect or BBQ whole armies of nasty slimy monsters. With 8 weapons and various explosives available, you will have no excuse.
  • Gameplay Modes
    • Competitive: In Competitive mode, you will be able to play along with 7 other friends, in two teams of 4 that will compete against each other, in the same level, to reach a common objective. Like fighting four other people wasn’t enough, in Competitive mode insects are your enemies too. So keep your eyes and ears open and take them all out!
    • Versus: Always wanted to fight for the other side? It’s your time to shine. Take out the opposing team insect-style. Two teams consisting of 4 players each, choose sides: humans or insects and throw themselves into battle. Your goal is to take out the opposing team using your explosive and versatile arsenal that spares no one as a human or by using your multiple jaws, claws and sharp teeth or your acidic spit as an Insect.
    • Hardcore: Losing track of your team in Hardcore mode is not an option. There are no character outlines through walls and obstacles. Communication is key in INSECTION to succeed and you’ll need it more than anything in Hardcore. Limited visual cues means that you won’t be notified if a Crawler is feasting on a teammate of yours. Keep track of your ammo and use it wisely, ammo pick-ups are even more scarce in Hardcore.
    • Defense: Good old location defense. Stand your ground and eliminate the waves of incoming insects. Work with your team and be efficient, the insects are certainly doing the same.

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