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'Hell-IX' (ALL) Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens

by Rainier on July 31, 2013 @ 6:41 p.m. PDT

Hell-IX is a combat & rescue game based on the team's favorite classics like Desert Strike, Tiger Heli, etc.; with the concept being very simple - take off, search for marines, rescue them and return home whilst fighting against enemy troops.

When a game starts you will take off from marines' base, your HUD directs you to where the next main objective is and where the secondary objectives are located. The HUD will also tell you where the enemies are, fuel, where to refill ammo supplies and of course, your base.

At the beginning of a game the enemy difficulty is really easy, it’s not a problem, some ground troops and light vehicles. Fly fast to rescue your men with your copter, load up to 5 men every time and return to base, if you need you can reload your weapons or refill your fuel.

When you return to the base and drop off your marines, a new main mission will be shown on your HUD - but this time the difficulty will have increased with tougher enemies than previous. Everytime you finish a main mission enemies will became harder and harder.

When you die the game will give you a score based on destroyed enemies, completed main and secondary missions, survival time etc. This score will be converted to experience points that allow you will increase your army ranking (from Private to General). Every rank you will achieve more features are unlocked and/or receive virtual coins to unlock special features.

Hell-IX’s Kickstarter campaign (looking for $22,000) aims to bring back the classic helicopter 'search and rescue' genre and give it a unique and modern polish whilst retaining its former 16bit charm.

Only the backers for this edition (pledge $20 or more) will have the following extra features to unlock:

  • Orbital targeting system, this helps so much to destroy enemies, when active your copter will orbit around the locked enemy when you move left or right.
  • Automatic countermeasures to avoid almost 50% of missile and rockets attacks.
  • Customize your copter color and stickers.
  • 1,5 Fuel tank
  • 1,5 Armor
  • 20 men load capacity

These features will be exclusive during first 6 month for backers and will later be available for all players too.

Key Features:

  • Survival game (survive endless waves with play becoming harder as you progress)
  • Simple Control system, only one joystick (virtual on devices) and 3 buttons
  • Automatic target lock system
  • Huge open world maps for endless missions 
  • Experience system to progress and unlock new maps & areas
  • Main missions (rescue marines) and secondary missions (destroy enemy infrastructures)
  • Several kinds of hostile enemies
  • Take care of your helicopter’s armour, fuel and ammo

Hell-IX will also be available on iOS, Android, OUYA, GameStick, Windows Phone, Blackberry Z10, Mac, and Linux.

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