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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Mojo Games Studios

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'Cradle' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 24, 2014 @ 2:02 p.m. PST

Cradle is an open-world adventure in a unique fantasy setting full of action and exploration featuring a one-of-a-kind combat system.

Get the Cradle Trailer Off WP (25mb)

The story of an outcast who stumbles into the center of an ages old struggle between humanity, nature, and the gods. Cradle presents you with a striking narrative set in a breathtaking world.

A thousand years ago, the five gods of Anora defeated one of their number in a war known as the Soulfire Crisis. Aderyn, the god of free will and creation, was defeated by forces united for the first time in centuries. His followers were routed and his works destroyed. Eventually, Aderyn and his realm, the Cradle, were erased almost entirely from Anora.

You are an exiled traveler in flight from the wrath of Ostia. Pursued and cursed by the god of hunger for defying its will, you seek refuge in the last of Aderyn’s shrines.

There, you take up arms for Aderyn, and begin a journey to return his Cradle to Anora. This land, once the center of technology and culture for the world, stands empty. Its inhabitants have either perished or become twisted parodies of who they once were. Only a few managed to retain some of their sanity.Your victory depends on the advice of these last few survivors and their tenuous grip on reality. 

Fight your way through these ravaged lands, journeying to diverse environments and defeating a wide array of enemies. By uncovering the mysteries of the Cradle you will ensure not only your own survival, but help Aderyn return to the world with his promise to the human race: free will.

Mojo Game Studios has launched a kickstarter campaign looking for $350,000 to finish development of Cradle.

Cradle’s environments are designed to tell a story. Its four open worlds exist to push the envelope of the fantasy genre and appeal to the wanderlust of adventurers. We are carefully crafting every detail to create an immersive, convincing universe. From ecosystems to dynamic weather, we’re building our environments using inspiration from the raw intricacy of the natural world.

Cradle’s combat system is built on making sure that player agency is at the heart of gameplay. Your actions should determine what happens in the game, and we want to capture your intent and translate it as seamlessly as possible into the world of the game.

Cradle provides an engaging new type of fast paced melee-combat that will force you to rely on your wits. The combat system is driven by your intent and purpose, making your skill, not chance, what determines the outcome of battles.

We intend to give the combat a feeling reminiscent of the fluid firefights of the best first-person shooters with a hint of the first-person melee combat from classic first person-fighting games. Cradle offers a dynamic and responsive game where you forge your own path.

  • Cradle’s Realfight Combat System is a patent pending way to fight that uses new proprietary technologies developed by Mojo Game Studios along with improvements over previous systems which all come together to bring you an unprecedented level of dynamic control.  
  • Deterministic Combat Animations: Where you aim to attack on your opponent determines what attack your character does. In real sword or melee combat, certain attacks make sense for certain places on an opponents body, while others don't. If you aim at the head of an opponent with a sword in Cradle, you are given only the attack options that would make sense for striking at someones head with a sword. The same goes for arms, legs, the left and right torso, or any area other area you care to aim. Because these choices vary by weapon, but are the same from enemy to enemy, this system is easy to learn and intuitive to use. Simply by aiming and clicking the left or right mouse button, you are able to choose in real time where and how you will strike. 
  • Weapons and Weapon Weight: Weapons in Cradle are designed with specific strengths and weaknesses in combat, and each unique to their specific character class. Not all weapons are created equal, and not all attacks can be blocked. A heavy mace couldn't be blocked by a small dagger, and a hit from a short sword would hardly be noticed when blocked by a heavy or large shield. The weight and type of weapon being blocked, as well as weight of the weapon or shield doing the blocking determines how much or little the player blocking or being blocked will be affected. When should I block, and when should I dodge? In Cradle this is a real decision.
  • Order Determinism: Where you last struck has an effect on how your next attack will play out. In real sword and melee combat, some strikes flow from one to the next, rather than returning to guard between attacks. We wanted to capture this flow from one blow to the next in our Realfight Combat. In Cradle, if you have a sword and want to do a slash right at the torso of an opponent, followed directly by a slash left, simply aim at the right torso and click the right mouse button, then aim at the left torso and click the left mouse button. The result is a continuous slash to the right and back from the left. This system adds fluidity and reactivity to our combat.  
  • Proximity Determinism: When within a certain distance of an opponent, swinging with your weapon becomes unfeasible, not to mention it becomes impossible to accurately aim. This is where proximity determinism comes in. When too close to an opponent to swing their weapon, instead of their normal attack, the player will push off of their opponent and create space so as to become effective again with their weapons. These push offs vary in type and effect depending on where the player is aiming and what weapon they have equipped.

Each of the 5 character classes will have a distinctive style and each weapon will have its own signature feel. With deterministic animations we will provide immersive attack animations that always make sense for the part of your opponent you’re aiming at.

Each character class can use up to six unique weapons, all exclusive to each class. Weapons are explicitly designed to shine in different types of combat situations and fighting styles. In Cradle, new weapons are rare and powerful items, often heavily guarded and hidden. Finding one is a big deal.

In Cradle your skills will determine what areas you can access, but exploration will help you even the odds. In addition to new weapons, the Cradle is also home to Augments, ancient Aderian tapestries and garments which contain a small amount of Aderyn’s power. By taking the hidden Augment and imbuing it with the essence of one of five forces of the world you can give your favorite weapon a series of powerful upgrades.

Perk up your character by finding armor pieces hidden throughout the game with the armor augment system. Each augment gives the player a set of alternative ways to perk their character. Perks give players the opportunity to adjust their personal playstyles and character’s abilities.

Maintaining your health and stamina in Cradle will require exploration. You will need to forage for plants and herbs to make life saving salves. Discovering combinations of ingredients and finding the right recipes is the key to survival. Regenerate your health in the heat of battle, or create poultices to permanently enhance your resilience. Learning your environment will save your life.

In Cradle, Mana is not just a bar that refills over time or when you chug a potion. It’s a direct connection between you and the environment. As the physical manifestation of the damage done to Aderyn’s realm because of its removal from Annora, mana is a powerful resource. Harnessing this energy can greatly enhance your defensive and offensive capabilities, but only if you can tap into the magical corruption of the world around you.

What’s a good adventure without a few good secrets? Cradle’s exploration will be driven not only by the search for weapons and tools to aid you in your journey, but also by your own quest to uncover the hidden history of the Cradle. As you explore the vast world, you can expect to find hidden stories and treasures that reveal the past, present, and future, of the Cradle.

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