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Monster Madness Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Nom Nom Games
Release Date: May 2014

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'Monster Madness Online' Accepting Alpha Testers - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 10, 2014 @ 12:14 a.m. PST

Monster Madness Online is a new F2P Action RPG Shooter set in the Monster Madness universe that sees the return of four high school slackers who demonstrate exceptional monster-bashing skills.

Monster Madness Online provides a frictionless online browser gaming experience by being the first game to utilize Mozilla’s "asm.js" where the game’s code is optimized for Javascript compiler to run directly in the Web Browser without any plugin or signup requirement. This is made possible by cutting edge Mozilla-pioneered technologies that combine to make the browser a high-end gaming platform, extending the reach of Monster Madness Online to hundreds of millions of players regardless of operating system.

The citizens of Suburbia City were caught totally unprepared for the Martian invasion! Harnessing the mystical power of Monster Tokens, evil extraterrestrials sucked all of the town’s adult inhabitants into the Void, paving the way for the Invasion’s second phase, a new Monster onslaught intended to weaken the Earth’s remaining defenses. What these atrocious aliens didn’t reckon on, however, was the Monster Tokens’ inability to affect anyone under 18.

Saved from another hellish day at High School (“Go Wildcats!”), our four heroes — Zack Fowler (the Nerd), Andy Gomez (the Skater dude), Jennifer Sweeney (the Cheerleader), and Carrie Rosenberg (the Goth) — are ready to take back their town from the interlopers. It’s time to team up, gear out, craft some weapons, and get hunting!

Players can jump into the fray now at the official website to experience the many thrilling updates such as a new story mission, enemies, items, play modes, and crafting abilities, among others.

“We are looking forward to players checking out the new content and providing us valuable feedback from this next phase,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, director at Nom Nom Games. “Our development structure is designed to receive information from players and quickly implement it, providing a new level of transparency between our team and our fans. These early play sessions provide just a taste of many more exciting things to come.”

Monster Madness Online pre-Alpha 2 release incorporates the following new content and features:

  • The First Campaign Story Mission - Entitled ‘Sewer Sharkz’ the mission features puzzles, bosses, physical challenges, and exclusive rewards!
  • Crafting & Upgrading - Collect blueprints, crafting materials and modifier gems, and then use them to construct gear. Upgrade your Gear & Pets with more materials to improve their stats.
  • Spells - Apply Spell Amulets onto your gear to grant powerful offensive & defensive magic abilities!
  • Barry’s Clubhouse Shop is Now Open – Stop here to buy and sell items using monster tokens. Be careful though, Barry sure loves him some monster cash!
  • New Consumable Items – Fans can check out and experiment with Holo-Buddies, Gravity Mines, Root Beer Hats, The Nuke, and more.
  • New Difficulty and Hardcore-Permadeath Modes – Tailor your skill level - the tougher the challenge, the better the loot.
  • New Weapons, Cosmetic Costumes, Expressions, Item Skins, Attachments, and Pets!

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