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Cel Damage HD

Platform(s): GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Finish Line Games
Release Date: April 2014

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'Cel Damage' (ALL) Gets HD Re-make On PS3/PS4 And Vita

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2014 @ 4:23 p.m. PST

Enter a universe where the 'toons rule the road in Cel Damage, a frantic vehicular combat games that reaches into the violent and wacky world of cartoon physics to present vehicular combat with a fun new twist.

A renewal of the timeless classic Cel Damage, the “HD” versionis a fast-paced vehicle combat game where the world’s toughest cartoon drivers get behind the wheel of outlandish cars and battle each other in order to gain fame on the most popular cartoon demolition derby show on TV. With six characters to choose from, combatants smash, shoot and slice enemies into oblivion using an array of destructive armaments for personal glory. With vibrant cel-shaded art, Cel Damage HD transports players into a real-life cartoon environment, and allows them to explore 13 arena-style levels with 10 playable cars and more than 30 weapon power-ups.

Featuring the only four-person split-screen multiplayer on the PlayStation 4, Cel Damage HD allows players to compete in one of three challenging game modes, where they must out-maneuver, out-gun and outlast their opponents to either earn smack points or prevent others from achieving their objectives. With vibrant cel-shaded cartoon art, drivers will explore 12 interactive worlds filled with surprises around every corner.

“As longtime developers we’ve always enjoyed games that meld the realm of video games with other, similar forms of entertainment,” said Daniel Posner, co-founder of Finish Line Games. “With Cel Damage HD, we’re bringing back one of our favorite mash-ups of classic vehicle combat games and cartoon animation to give players the distinct experience of playing as if they are in a cartoon. We are excited to see how modern day fans react to this merging of mediums and we’re thrilled to be giving players Cross-Buy support to allow them to play on their preferred system.”

Key Features

  • Multiplayer Done The Right Way – It may take two to tango, but it takes a four-person split-screen to play multiplayer the way it’s meant to be played, which Cel Damage HD brings in a big way as the only game on PlayStation 4 offering such an experience. Only with four-player split-screen can drivers undergo the true chaos of fast-paced cartoon combat, while simultaneously giving their friends a verbal smackdown!
  • The Toughest Toons Around – Cel Damage HD features six raucous characters to choose from at the start, including the mischievous anime demon Violet, the demented devil Sinder, the ex-construction worker B.T. Bruno, the gangster duck Fowl Mouth, the black-hearted Dominque Trix, and the nerdy Flemming. With increasing victories, drivers will unlock additional characters, including a slew of devious bosses.
  • A Bevy of Wild Game Modes – To prove their star worthiness, motorists must master three different game modes; Smack Attack, where players attack other racers to gain a certain number of points first; Gate Relay, in which players race to checkpoints; and Flag Rally, which has combatants speed past each other to collect flags.
  • An Intense Cartoon Universe – Cel Damage HD features a frantic cartoon universe with a state-of-the-art cartoon physics engine, providing players with highly dangerous and interactive environments. While drivers initiate attacks on enemies and maneuver to avoid damage to their vehicles, they can interact freely with set gag pieces and perform jaw-dropping stunts.
  • Serious Action With an Explosive Sense of Humor – Cel Damage HD delivers a mix of humor with action, allowing players to not only use outrageous moves on other drivers, but also the ability to trash talk opponents to tears. Cel Damage HD harkens back to an arcade era able to embrace whacky fun, insane weaponry, and ludicrous characters players love to hate or grow to love.
  • Lively Cartoon Art – Vibrant cel-shaded cartoon art is bold and appealing, transporting players into a live-action cartoon filled with rousing environments that feature eerie ghost towns, creepy castles and technologically advanced space stations.

As a Cross-Buy title, Cel Damage HD will offer single-purchase, multi-platform support, and once purchased can be downloaded for all systems.

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