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'Unbended' Announced

by Rainier on April 13, 2014 @ 8:18 p.m. PDT

Unbended is a classic Action RPG, that drops the character of your choice into a world of constant changes.

Each character experiences the story from his/her very individual point of view. And as the world is changing, so are the skills and possibilities of the characters.

Huge changes rarely come out of the blue. The reasons, why things are going one way or another, are usually a result of cause and effect. If you take a close look at the history of mankind, you’re going to find a huge trail of blood. In retrospect, we will always ask ourselves, how this could have happened and why this paradise slowly turned into a bizarre Pandemonium.

At the beginning of Unbended, you’re going to find a world that’s all nice and dandy. People are living next door to each other, everything seems to be quite in order. But as the story continues, drastical changes are going to happen. The Drift takes its toll, slowly but surely dragging all and everything into darkness and chaos. Why does that happen? Because rational beings always long to increase their power through gaining knowledge. In our story, you will experience the inevitable consequences of uncontrolled and naive usage of magic powers.
To understand the effects of the Drift, imagine a cheesy picture postcard with a colorful image being ripped into a thousand pieces. Then, someone puts all the pieces back together, roughly and with a lot of glue strips. THIS is how the world will look like after the Drift. The world in Unbended will change right before your eyes. And it’s in dire need of heroes – hopefully you will be one of them!

Unbended is going to be what it’s supposed to be: a classic Action RPG with everything the genre needs. That includes a well-founded, charater based skill system, that does not just cover weapon and combat techniques, but extends to adjustments of the characters basic abilities. You will learn, you will develop, you will improve and gain power and finally – under the influence of the Drift and your experiences – become somthing you certainly didn’t anticipate. You will learn special moves and forget them. And by the end, you will possess abilities that are powerful enough to move and shake entire continents. You will play a classic Action RPG just like how it should be: challengeing, full of action, perfectly controllable and subjecto to constant advancements. And before you pick up the gauntlet and become the – possibly deciding – factor in the fate of the entire world, you should take care of your own fate first and prove yourself in your personal campaing.

Unbended certainly has some surprises in store when it comes to classes. The designed classes are absolute prototypes, pleasing the heart of the true ARPG gamer, but also containing a lot of real innovation. We’re developing six completely individual classes for Unbended, all ready and waiting to experience the world with.

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