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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Tiny Build Games

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'JetGetters' Kickstarter Campaign Successful, Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 14, 2014 @ 1:49 p.m. PDT

JetGetters is a fastpaced 3D multiplayer shooter, where teams of players fly high in the sky and hijack each other's vehicles in midair.

Get the JetGetters PAX East Demo off WP (104mb)

Players on both teams fly out of their base in fighter jets, and shoot each other.

You die when you fall out of your jet and hit the ground, or if it explodes with you in it. At any time, you can blast out of your vehicle in an ejector seat and skydive through the air. You can call your jet to fly back to pick you up.While skydiving, you can continue to shoot, or zip towards an enemy and hijack them, throwing them out into the sky and saving you from falling to your death.

You don’t lose any points for wrecking a jet, so have fun launching them at people, crashing them, taking risks, or ditching a damaged one.

If you’re free falling with no enemies near, try calling a teammate to catch you in midair! You can surf a teammate’s jet and shoot behind them, or repair them to help out. If you want to both eject out and swap vehicles: go nuts! You can hijack not only jets, but missiles that were launched at you, so you can steer them away, or back at an enemy

Every class can shoot with a machine gun which doesn’t auto aim. It’s just a normal gun. The heavy class can shoot with lock-on missiles. When they are equipped and enemy is in field of view, and close enough, a red square appears around the enemy. If you aim your cursor at them for 3 seconds, you can shoot a lock-on missile. Countering lock-on missiles is done by changing direction very fast before impact, or dropping countermeasures.

tinyBuild's multiplayer shooter about hijacking jets mid-air -- JetGetters -- just got funded on Kickstarter, and there are still 4 days to go to hit console stretch goals.

Demo details:

  • Xbox 360 controller required 
  • Windows build
  • 2 player split-screen support
  • Press start on 2nd controller to activate co-op
  • "A" to jump out of jet
  • "A" to hijack
  • "B" to fire missiles (you can surf them)
  • Right Trigger to shoot

Having class-based multiplayer is a good opportunity to show off a fun list of characters, and spread a deep list of features and player abilities out across separate, digestible play sessions instead of asking players to learn everything at once.

  • Scout class is geared to chasing and fleeing
  • Heavy class can fire rockets (you can hijack and ride the rockets)
  • Support class can repair jets and drop mines (you can hijack and throw mines back at other players)
  • Daredevil class uses a jetpack to best maneuver in free fall, and explodes.

Any user can jump into a deathmatch game and fly around shooting down as many of the other team as possible. For players with a better understanding of how to play, though, there are also scripted levels available with more engaging rule sets and twists.

Gameplay modes

  • Team DeathMatch: Two teams fight each other until one reaches a certain amount of deaths/kills
  • Capture the Flag: Both teams try to steal a precious vehicle out of the enemy base and fly it back in one piece
  • Kill the Rabbit: There’s one flag. Everyone needs to grab it. Everyone needs to kill whoever has the flag. You get points for holding the flag longest.
  • Point Capture: Map has 4 points. You need to capture and hold them. Holding over 2 points depletes the enemy lives.

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