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Death In Candlewood

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Rosebud Games
Release Date: Spring 2015

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'Death In Candlewood' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 2, 2014 @ 8:05 a.m. PDT

Death In Candlewood is an open-world psychological FPS heavily influenced by the gothic fiction of Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films.

Death in Candlewood plunges its player into the darkest corners of 1940s America and spans a single night in the life of Ray Dune, a doctor whose relationship with reclusive psychiatrist Lester Caravan has reached a deadly crisis point.  When his vulnerable adopted son Rizzo mysteriously disappears, Dune is forced to act.  Navigating the dark paths of Candlewood Mountains and a terrifying onslaught of inhuman assailants, Dune sets out on a desperate bid to save himself and his son from the bloody machinations of a madman.

Death in Candlewood is being developed by a new studio by people who worked on Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and The Witcher and also consulted with designers from BioShock. The game's already over half-way through development and Rosebud needs $60,000 on Kickstarter to finish things off

Jay Kyburz, BioShock Environment Lead and Neptune's Pride creator, provided design consultation on the game - and came away a fan. "Death In Candlewood combines inventive gameplay with romantic storytelling and sets it all in a gorgeously realised world. A brutal, beautiful shooter," he said.

Along the way you can traverse the expansive 10km² of game-world in any way you like.  You'll drive cars and motorbikes, swim through deep waters, use uncommon weapons and face uncommon enemies as you unravel a dark and twisted romance.

"After years of working on horror games, we decided to spend our energy and resources creating a game which evokes intense emotions of fear, love, joy and sadness," said Toni Sanchez, the game's creator and founding member of Rosebud. "Death In Candlewood aims to make the player really feel.  We want each location to be full of emotive, memorable features and through every detail build a ghoulish, romantic story in the player's mind."

If the Kickstarter campaign goes exceedingly well, you might just be able to experience the eerie, terrifying atmosphere of Death In Candlewood first-hand through Oculus Rift, too...

Key Features:

  • Top-notch visuals and performance immersing the player in a psychological horror FPS influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films
  • 20+ melee and ranged weaponry from bare fists to Maschinengewehr 42s and tranquilizer pistols
  • Lush environments and unique settings, from 6km² of shadowy mountain ranges to 4km² and over 1,000 buildings in the town of Candlewood, which can be walked, stalked, driven or swum through
  • Innovative genre with mainly FPS mechanics plus role playing customisation, stealth elements and third person POV for driving a range of vehicles
  • Buy and upgrade your ammunition, health, equipment and weapons
  • Citizens of Candlewood and characters you encounter throughout the game each have branching, reactive dialogue and randomised events
  • Range of animal, human and monstrous enemies, each wielding unique weapons
  • Reactive and intelligent AI so foes and NPCs respond realistically to any situation
  • Combat system incorporating line-of-sight and noise sensor mechanics
  • Slow-motion cinematic dodge manoeuvres for close range melee combat


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