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Genre: Strategy

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'Contact Vector' Crowd Funding Canceled, Revamped Campaign Coming Soon

by Rainier on April 22, 2014 @ 3:45 a.m. PDT

Contact Vector is a game where RTS meets turn based strategy, Command fleets and fight to save worlds from an unrelenting enemy, the destruction or survival of humanity lays in your hands.

Contact Vector is a true strategy game where what you do with your units is more important than how many you have. You will be able to design ships and fleets and then deploy them for battle. You will take your ships into combat using stealth deception and a wide range of systems to defeat your opponent.

What makes Contact Vector different from most RTS is that its not about build orders or resourcing but how you plan and carry out your strategy. The basic game play in Contact Vector is controlling groups of ships. It’s about how, where and when you choose to fight. You will be able to customize load outs for long and short range weapon systems to accommodate your tactics.

Last week Magnosphere announced Contact Vector and launched a kickstarter campaign (looking for £120,000) to fund development of the game, but unfortunatly this effort has already ended prematurly.

We’ve decided to roll up this kickstarter because we believe the single player game of Contact Vector is more important to our community than we’d anticipated. This is good news for us as we’re very excited about the single player game.

Since we can’t change the kickstarter goals without affecting the backers we have already, we will stop this kickstarter and start another that will more accurately reflect Contact Vector’s focus and with a rewards structure better suited to our community’s needs.

We hope the great people who contacted us, and offered advice and support for our project, will come back when we start our new campaign for a single player Contact Vector. We’ve sent our existing backers a link to a print-res image of one of our unseen ship models they can download and use for desktops to say thanks for their support.

While waiting for the restart, which should be up very shortly, please join us on our forum and share your thoughts with us.

The initial release of contact vector will be a multiplayer game. Because we think this will offer players the most enjoyable and challenging games. You will be able to setup and search for players and choose different scenarios to play out.

The weapon ranges will overlap, but typically certain ranges will favour missiles or energy weapons.

Missile combat is usually the longest range type of enemy engagement. You will have to choose what type of missiles to use. Your firing position to best exploit your opponent’s blind spots. Long range firing solutions will seem attractive if only because they’re the most likely to keep your fleet concealed and out of harms way. But a longer missile run is more easily intercepted. How bold will you be and how much courage will you expect from your ships’ captains?

Energy weapons will vary, but compared to missiles they’re extremely short range weapons. If a large ship can slog its way through the missile storm and bring energy weapons to bear, there’s a good chance it can tear an enemy ship to pieces in seconds.

Stealth has a core role in Contact Vector tactics. The vastness of space is easy to hide in, but ship drives make anything that moves under power easier to see. But a moving signature could be anything, the trick is determining what. 

Ships will be customizable with components. These will be things like reactors, shield capacitors and armor, magazine size and weapons load outs. You will be able to change all around but must fit within the ship’s maximum tonnage.

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