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The Universim

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Crytivo Games

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'The Universim' Fully Funded Through Kickstarter

by Rainier on May 21, 2014 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT

The Universim is a next generation planet management game where a vibrant, living world rests in your hands. With the powers of a god, you have the ability to change everything if you so wish, but time always flows on.

Your civilization will evolve throughout the ages, with or without your guidance. You are taking control of a living simulation, not the same static world you are accustomed to. The AI will make many of its own decisions, and the world will change dynamically, throwing various challenges at your civilization at random times. You can attempt to influence your civilization’s decisions, or simply watch as their decisions begin to bear fruit or lead them into ruin.

However, when it comes to research choices, exploration, and colonization of alien planets, you have complete control. You can select their research path, and develop whatever technologies you deem important for the near future. Be warned, though. Research decisions play a crucial role in how your civilization progresses from era to era. Failure to do adequate research into the appropriate field for the time period will cause your civilization to suffer, or even perish entirely.

With a few days to go, Crytivo Games' kickstarter campaign to fund development of The Universum, looking for $320,000, has been a success.

With the use of an ambitious in-game engine called Prometheus, which is currently in development, we aim to simulate planets accurately by implementing important natural processes and events. Prometheus will simulate the various environmental biomes on the planet, and the changing of seasons within these regions. Winter will be the most challenging of seasons, as it hinders development and progress. It will also place strain upon your civilization if they failed to prepare adequately for the winter beforehand. Storing food and developing ways to keep warm are excellent examples of effective preparation. It will also be responsible for the generation of unique new planets for you to explore.

For example, a planet could be generated with very little oxygen. The colonization team would then need to be equipped with atmosphere generators to ensure a habitable environment. However, these generators cost resources to develop and run. The same effect can be achieved with a more cost-effective method. Planting trees! But alas, they will do so far more slowly. It all comes down to what kind of strategy the player wishes to employ.

There is an element of natural progression and evolution in the game. Beginning in the Stone Age, and advancing all the way to the era of intergalactic exploration is something players can look forward to. The ability to colonize planets and explore the vast expanse of the universe is then unlocked. This is when players can begin forging their galactic empires in the stars. Every planet will have unique and interesting characteristics that will challenge the player to properly evaluate the dangers and rewards before initiating the colonization process. As with everything, preparation and strategy is crucial!

Key Features:

  • An immersive, evolving universe simulator. Create life in the earliest stages of development and watch as it blossoms into a Galactic Empire under your guidance.
  • Take control of a living simulation and mould it to your liking.
  • Witness the changing of seasons, and survive the brutality of winter.
  • A dynamic gameplay experience unlike anything you have experienced before.
  • Conquer the epic expanse of the universe at your own leisure.
  • Enjoy the humorous, yet informative, news system as it details the latest information about your growing civilization.
  • A deep, intuitive research system that allows for a wide range of play-styles, and offers many different ways of evolving your civilization.
  • Progress from the Stone Age all the way to the modern era, and beyond!
  • Dynamic events constantly challenge the player, and offer countless new gameplay opportunities.
  • Explore and colonize incredible new planets.
  • No paid DLC, DRM, or Micro-transactions whatsoever!

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