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Planetary Annihilation

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Uber Entertainment
Release Date: 2014

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'Planetary Annihilation' Adds Single-player Mode - Screens

by Rainier on May 22, 2014 @ 7:27 p.m. PDT

Planetary Annihilation is an RTS redefined for a new generation of players, promising Total Annihilation style gameplay on a planetary scale.

Planetary Annihilation’s rendering engine is brought to you by the team that developed the rendering engines for Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Uber Entertainment's engine will allow you to explore vast, new procedural worlds with diverse terrain and build on everything from small, airless rocks to huge earth-type planets. No two maps are exactly alike.

Other than Total Annihilation, which was asynchronous, most Real-Time Strategy games use a synchronous networking model, which means that all the computers in a given game are held back by the slowest machine. The Planetary Annihilation engine uses a client-server model so that the “heavy lifting” can be done on a game server, freeing up gamers’ machines to engage in bigger battles with more players!

Create new units, gametypes, maps and planet archetypes.  Run your own servers with your own sets of units and game modes.

Galactic War, the new mode, adds a new, dynamic single-player experience to Planetary Annihilation - and it’s available right now as an update to the game.

In Galactic War, players are placed in control of a reawakened Commander with a limited tech tree. By exploring and fighting across the new mode's procedurally generated systems, they'll collect new technology, discover special abilities, and enter into battle against cunning AI Commanders. Players define the scale and intensity of the new single-player experience: each of its sizes offers different tech trees, drops, and challenges.

Available now as a free update, Galactic War tasks players with conquering a dynamic galaxy by scouring the stars for technology and unique abilities.


  • Galactic War is a twist on traditional real-time strategy campaigns that has players battling across a dynamic galaxy filled with procedurally-generated content.
  • Galactic War uses randomized technology drops, random maps, and unique special abilities and perks to make each playthrough feel different.
  • Players define the scale and intensity of the Galactic War. Each of the mode’s sizes offers different starting tech trees and challenges.
  • Rediscover, rebuild, and take control. Play as a reawakened Commander, scour the stars for technology, and annihilate enemy Commanders to secure the galaxy.

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