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Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Versus Evil
Developer: 4gency
Release Date: Holiday 2014

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'Habitat' Coming To Steam Early Access

by Rainier on June 25, 2014 @ 11:35 a.m. PDT

Habitat is a real-time, physics-driven orbital strategy game where you build, fly, and fight with unique space stations you create out of space junk orbiting earth.

In Earth’s orbit, where crisis is guaranteed, Habitat is the only strategic space simulation game that uses orbital debris to build the future homes of humanity and where hope for survival relies on the creativity and resourcefulness of the player. Exploration, resource management and physics-based flight and combat come together for the ultimate space survival experience.

In Habitat players must assume the role of ‘Commander’ and lead a team of engineers to gather a variety of debris found in Earth’s orbit, turning it into habitable space stations that can support human life. As players combine different elements of debris, explore space and mine the resources found there, a fully expandable tech tree can be researched. However surviving in a zero gravity universe in the face of constant crisis also relies on the player’s ability to master physics-driven flight simulation as well as turning some of their creations into deadly kinetic orbital weapons that will be needed to take out the enemy when necessary.

Habitat’s unique build-fly-and-fight mechanics work smoothly on gamepads as well as the traditional keyboard and mouse, the Xbox One also gives 4gency unique opportunities to explore additional inputs such as Kinect and SmartGlass.

Habitat will be coming to Steam’s early access program on July 8th, 2014.  

Gamers will be able to play a very early build of the game that will showcase just a small portion of the full feature set of this exciting new strategic space survival game.  

The early access build will be for PC, Mac and Linux.

Key Features:

  • Lead a team of space engineers to gather human and alien debris in Earth’s orbit to construct your very own space stations, complete with life support systems, rockets for travel and famous landmarks for living quarters.
  • Combining different bits of debris unlocks hidden powers and upgrades for the ultimate creation. As you progress research a full tech tree to build stronger, bigger and potentially deadlier habitats.
  • Manage oxygen, electricity, food and living spaces to keep your citizens happy - or face the consequences. If your engineers are able to attach onto an enemy habitat, use them to take it over and gain a whole new habitat in an instant!
  • Master physics-driven flight simulation to explore space around you and use rockets to turn your creations into deadly kinetic orbital weapons to smash the enemy and salvage valuable parts for your own gain.
  • Two game modes offers you the option to experiment in a persistent world or take on narratively driven missions in a fight to save humanity from the destructive nano-machine army that is consuming Earth.

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