Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Studio MONO
Release Date: Q4 2015

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'InSomnia' Ready To Make A Comeback - New Screens

by Rainier on June 6, 2014 @ 3:12 a.m. PDT

InSomnia is a co-operative online role-playing game with tactical elements and unique game mechanics in a sophisticated universe designed with a dark retro-futuristic dieselpunk style.

Set in a diesel-punk styled universe with dystopian, retro-futuristic styling, InSomnia takes place on a gargantuan, half-deserted space station 400 years in to its journey slowly making its way to an elusive planet known only as the Evacuation Point.

InSomnia takes place on a gargantuan, half-deserted space station known as The Ark that is slowly making its way toward an elusive planet known only as the Evacuation Point. The Ark is inhabited by the descendants of the Nomans, a race of people who escaped their home planet several centuries earlier when it had become uninhabitable due to a cataclysmic conflict between the Republic of Noma and the SORG Regime. Most of the station has been abandoned and is now colloquially known by its inhabitants as The Dump.

For the last 300 years, the Nomans have been living in the Manned Sector in fear of the SORG, the force that virtually wiped out Noman civilization. The only hope for the Nomans lies in the Evacuation Point, where they plan to start history again from scratch.

Players begin the game as a Noman with their character emerging from cryogenic sleep, trying to understand what happened on the Arc for the last twenty years as they meet other awakened colonists. Players are on a journey to the future, trying to understand the mistakes – and clues – from the past.

Seven months after its initial Kickstarter campaign was aborted, Studio MONO are revealing a new and much improved InSomnia ahead of its launch on Steam Greenlight and new Kickstarter campaign on June 23rd.

“We didn’t have a clear enough description for InSomnia which ended up confusing some potential backers and alienating others. We therefore decided pretty quickly to abort the Kickstarter campaign, go away, rethink, work on our mistakes and relaunch at a later date when we had a clearer vision of the project and had more content to show the public. Seven months later, here we are!” explains Lead Developer Anatoliy Guyduk.

The plot of InSomnia is divided into Chapters. As players join, the ongoing story continues and is constantly updated. Characters created six months after launch will experience starting conditions different from those of a character who was created at launch. Events unfold in real time and will differ for everybody regardless of when they joined. Player choice may lead to points where players will be required to make difficult decisions that can affect the fate of their characters, their friends in the game, the ongoing story, or the world of InSomnia in general.

InSomnia contains a universe of rich gameplay with constant upgrades, epic battles, stylized graphics combined with a feeling of abandonment and disorientation. Players should prepare for unexpected situations, nonlinear story structures and Easter eggs that reveal themselves sporadically. Only by staying in contact with your fellow players can you understand the full scope of what InSomnia has to offer.

The combat system in InSomnia is both real-time, as you’d expect in an online RPG, as well as including tactical elements. Success depends on intelligent skill distribution, clear role assignment within the group, keen reflexes and fast thinking to deal with unpredictable enemy activity.

Besides carefully crafted content, InSomnia also has procedurally-generated events, providing new Missions and Activities unique to that player’s experience. A comprehensive craft and equipment management system keeps equipment interesting and varied. Human-like artificial intelligence for NPC’s and environmental objects provide a deep challenge and immersion for players. All of these combine to provide a rich experience for players between official storylines that don’t just feel like “random” activities.

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