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Heroes & Generals

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Reto-Moto
Release Date: Sept. 23, 2016

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'Heroes & Generals' Content Update Adds Paratroopers And More...

by Rainier on July 3, 2014 @ 3:02 p.m. PDT

Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first person shooter set in WW2, where Germany, the United States and the Soviet Union fight for victory in one grand persistent online war.

Heroes & Generals eliminates the formulaic baggage that weighs down the shooter genre by delivering satisfying strategic action in a full blown first-person shooter experience. Players are transported from the comfort of their browsers to authentic WWII battlefields, where they fight alongside thousands of gamers for persistent progression and military supremacy.

Each player in Heroes & Generals chooses their own destiny. You might join the Axis and climb the ranks as a foot soldier, firing off countless rounds in epic battles for crucial landmarks. Or perhaps you’ll become a general in the US army and accept the task of deploying resources and reinforcements across a vast strategic map.

Either way your decisions and actions fundamentally impact the game. Whether you play a fearless infantryman blazing the trenches, a hotshot pilot renowned for precision bombing runs, a brutal gunner assigned to a rumbling tank battalion, or the ace commander directing it all from strategic command – every active soldier contributes to an evolving online war that will soon expand to smartphones and tablets as well.

70 years ago Operation Overlord was running its course in Europe and a critical element to the success of this brave operation was the paratroopers that dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy on the night leading towards the beach-landings at D-day.

As a US or German Paratrooper you will jump out of a Douglas C-47A Skytrain or Junkers Ju-52/3m plane and land at strategic spots on the battlefields to perform surprise attacks and help your fellow tankers, infantrymen or fighter pilots secure the objectives and win one more battle along or behind the frontlines in the persistant war fought out between the German and the US factions.

You will also be able to customize your paratrooper with new uniforms, as we have introduced uniform variations for some of the classes. In this update the US Recon, US Paratrooper, German Tank Crew, German Recon and German Paratrooper characters can get new uniforms. Uniform variations for the rest of the classes will follow in later updates.

In this update we have started to add more ammo types for the vehicles, plus we have updated the user interface, to make it easier to see which ammo types you have available, how fast it reloades and how you change between them when you're engaged in battle. It's not all vehicles that now have more ammo types available, but try to log in and see if there are new explosive toys available for your favourite vehicle. In the coming updates we'll add more.

More weapon personalization

The US Bazooka and the German Panzerschreck now have a new set of personalization options and we have also made a special "Gott mit uns" variation of the Gewehr 43, as well as a "Death or Glory" variation of the M1 Garand.

For a more detailed change log, please see below:

Maps & Buildings

  • Town Map:
    • Removed Pontoon bridge and replaced with low crossing.
    • Work on Police Station-type-house visuals. Mainly roof.
    • Work on houseA inside visuals (farmhouse)
    • Tweak of Police Station riverside area.
    • Tweak of south-west village area
  • Fixed an exploit which would allow players to be below the map
  • Removed props from Airfield Hangars
  • Fixed an issue where a player would get stuck between the roof and the gap in crouched position in house 5B (small barn for example used at A2, E3, E2 Town Map).

  • Moved Stuart Tank unlock from level 5 to level 3
  • Vehicle Ammo:
    • New vehicle ammo GUI
    • New ammo types
    • Bomb code refactored
  • Paratrooper plane is now AI controlled
Characters & Appearance

  • Paratroopers have returned
    • Unlocks at rank 7
    • Default weapon is G43 / M1 Garand
  • Customize your character, new uniforms:
    • German Tanker:
      • Jacket: Grey (default) Pants: Grey (default)
      • Jacket: Green & Pants: Grey
      • Jacket: Oak Leaf Autumn Camo & Pants: Oak Leaf Autumn Camo
      • Jacket: Pea Pattern Camo & Pants: Pea Pattern Camo
    • German Paratrooper:
      • Jacket: Green (default) & Pants: Grey (default)
      • Jacket: Tan & Pants: Grey
      • Jacket: Luft Splinter Camo A & Pants: Grey
      • Jacket: Luft Splinter Camo B & Pants: Tan
      • Jacket: Luft Splinter Camo C & Pants: Green
    • German Recon:
      • Jacket: Tan (default) & Pants: Tan (default)
      • Jacket: Green & Pants: Green
      • Jacket: Pea Pattern Camo & Pea Pattern Camo
      • Jacket: Oak Leaf Autumn Camo & Oak Leaf Autumn Camo
    • United States Paratrooper:
      • Jacket: Khaki (default) & Pants: Khaki (default)
      • Jacket: Hand painted Camo A & Pants: Hand painted Camo A
      • Jacket: Hand painted Camo B & Pants: Hand painted Camo B
      • Jacket: Hand painted Camo C & Pants: Hand painted Camo C
    • United States Recon:
      • Jacket: Green (default) & Pants: Green (default)
      • Jacket: Camo Frog Skin Green & Pants: Camo Frog Skin Green
      • Jacket: Camo Frog Skin Brown & Pants: Camo Frog Skin Brown
      • Helmet: Green (default)
      • Helmet: Camo Frog Skin Green
      • Helmet: Camo Frog Skin Brown
  • Each character type has a definition of a default uniform
Weapons & Appearance

  • Increased sway and recoil on all LMG's
  • New Anti Tank weapon personalizations
    • Bazooka:
      • Used
      • Woodland Style Camouflage
      • Black
      • Green
      • Desert Camouflage
    • Panzerschreck:
      • Used
      • Autumn Camouflage
      • Green
      • Black
      • Gray
      • Oakleaf Camouflage
  • New M1 Garand & Gewehr 43 personalizations
    • M1 Garand:
      • Death or Glory
    • Gewehr 43:
      • Gott mit uns
Browser & Campaign

  • Player search changes:
    • Searches all player names starting with the search string
    • OR searches email if the string contains '@' and '.'
    • Only returns player gamertags. Player details are retrieved on demand.
  • Flash client now shows a warning if a player tries to enter a battle with a character with a vehicle with low (less than 10 percent) or no ammo equipped. Applied for:
    • Enter matchmaking
    • A battle from the campaign map
    • Squad matchmaking
    • Or mark himself as ready in a squad
  • Adjusted gold prices of the old career switches down
  • Ammo state and a repair button is now shown on the soldier screen under vehicles
  • Vehicles tab is disabled for paratroopers
  • Increased amount of grenades/mines pr. purchase
  • Fixed an issue where an Access Point would not change colour when uncommitted AT's retreat from lost battle
  • Fixed an issue that units would not correctly retreat and remain inactive at an access point until moved again.
  • Fixed an issue where fighters would undeploy after being deployed with fresh re-supplies.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons would show as unavailable
  • All kinds of mines (such as No. 74 and H3) now grants XP for the Explosives ribbon

  • Fixed several Action Game crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where planes could change ownership of town via mobile command
  • Fixed some Localization problems
  • Ignore button fixes

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