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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Red Kite Games
Release Date: 2018

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'Hollowpoint' (ALL) Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 13, 2014 @ 12:34 a.m. PDT

Hollowpoint puts players in charge of secretive Organizations of corporate mercenaries, taking on missions for pay and prestige alongside three other players in online co-op.

Hollowpoint brings classic 2D side-scrolling action into the next generation with seamless 3D targeting into stages’ backgrounds.

Hollowpoint is a highly tactical, four player co-operative action game featuring a blend of fast paced 2D platform shooter gameplay – directional aiming – with precision based 3D shooter gameplay – pin point reticle aiming.

The goal is to build the most feared and respected Organization there is. Organizations are made up of skilled Operatives – the Mercenaries of the 22nd Century – and all of the different types of Ability, Weapons, Equipment, and Powerups they need to complete their Missions.

In this world, the Mega Corporations are engaged in relentless corporate warfare – hiring Organizations like yours to do their bidding. Take on Missions to earn XP and Credits – both of which are essential to improve your Organization.

You can go it alone on these Missions, but in order to complete the most dangerous and lucrative ones, you’ll need to team up with rival Organizations to have any chance of success.

The game is built around a tight gameplay loop.

Take out Enemies to earn XP to level up your Operative – which awards Skill Points that are used to Upgrade their Abilities. Operative Abilities are structured as a Tech Tree with branches focused on each different type. The Tech Tree also has a cap limit on the number of Skill Points that can be spent. The combination of both of these restrictions results in a deep upgrade system that allows you to create a squad of Archetype Operatives who are upgraded to focus on different types of Ability – giving you more tactical options during a Mission.

You will also earn Credits for completing Missions and for taking out Enemies. These Credits are used to buy Asset Packs from the Market – these Packs contain everything from new Operatives, Weapons, Equipment and Powerups, as well as the Upgrades that can be applied to them. Asset Packs come in various different forms, with some focused entirely on one type of Asset, with others being a mix. The more Credits you spend on a Pack the more likely you are to get more valuable Assets to apply to your Organization.

The Environments you fight in are procedurally generated and the Missions chosen dynamically during play. So while you are engaged in the gameplay loop, you are constantly experiencing new environment layouts, and new objective combinations, so that the game constantly feels fresh and varied.

Key Features:

  • Hollowpoint is played in a blend of traditional 2D side-scrolling action with 3D targeting, challenging players to take down enemies in front of them as well as in the background of their surroundings
  • Each mission is procedurally generated along with objectives, level layouts, and events, requiring a mix of strategic planning and skillful action to complete – no mission is merely “routine”
  • Team up with friends via Steam or PSN and take on contracts together, handling your personal Operatives to succeed – or fail – together
  • Earn experience and skill points to upgrade Operatives, and outfit them with the right abilities, weapons, and equipment for the job

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