The Astonishing

Platform(s): Android, PC, iOS
Genre: Casual
Developer: Turbo Tape Games
Release Date: Feb. 2017

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'The Astonishing' (ALL) Gets Dated - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

The game is an interactive dramatization, or reenactment if you will, of Dream Theater's epic rock opera The Astonishing.

The Astonishing story enables players to unfold and untangle the original story from the perspectives of both the Ravenskill Rebel Militia and the Great Northern Empire of the Americas. The whole picture is not complete until the campaigns are finished on both sides of the conflict, during which players’ battle for influence and control over the will of the people.

Aside from being a branching, interactive narrative, set on the timeline of the original story by John Petrucci, The Astonishing Game plays as a signature board game by Turbo Tape Games.

On the playing field, players summon key personages and iconic figures from the world of free art on the side of The Ravenskill Militia, and key totalitarian figures from the Great Northern Empire’s side.  Battle is conducted in single player campaigns, as well as among players in a Player vs. Player format against their friends. The Astonishing Game is the only place one can hear musical sections from the conceptual double album as instrumental pieces, and players will also enjoy video material that was otherwise available for viewing only during live shows of The Astonishing.

Since the launch coincides with the upcoming Dream Theater tour as well as the 25th anniversary of their fan-favorite album Images and Words, Dream Theater and Turbo Tape Games announce that the game will be accompanied by a competition for great prizes including tickets and post-concert VIP passes, available to players during the tour.  The game will have a one-time purchase cost with no in-app purchases, making players eligible for any and all free upgrades as this title is further developed.

“We’re extremely satisfied to be able to re-imagine The Astonishing and the implied macro-political surroundings of the story, a story that fit so well with our signature take on digital board games. The game truly shines in portraying the struggle for influence between two factions of society: the artists, and the oppressors. During each match, only one piece of the puzzle -- one version of the truth -- is conveyed through the perspective of the original Astonishing narrative,” says Fredrik Sundt Breien, CEO of Turbo Tape Games.

"There are definitely some parallels to be drawn between DT’s prog-metal fan base and the gaming community including a yearning for and appreciation of deeper thematic connections and the open-minded spirit of artistic exploration and storytelling. This new game presents a unique opportunity to combine these two worlds and engage DT fans in an expanded and immersive experience inside the unique universe of The Astonishing," says guitarist John Petrucci of Dream Theater. 

Key Features:

  • Turn-based tactical, digital board game
  • Single player campaigns as well as player vs. player matches on the same device, with full online multiplayer capability coming soon (in an early update), free of additional charge.
  • An interactive narrative, unfolding the story of The Astonishing as seen from both factions (the artists and the oppressors)
  • A new level to the narrative, as players are allowed to influence the macro-political structures in various locations across The Great Northern Empire
  • Unique signature board-based gameplay as developed by Turbo Tape Games
  • A non-violent game metaphor, where playing pieces battle for influence over game sectors, forcing opponents to give up power and influence, rather than fighting to the death
  • Utilizing the unique video artwork developed by Bernard Duguay at Lucion Media, used during live shows on Dream Theater’s The Astonishing world tour
  • Featuring instrumental musical sections from The Astonishing conceptual double album

The Astonishing comes with the option to freely enter exclusive competitions for grand prizes during Dream Theater’s upcoming Images, Words and Beyond tour (contest through April 30th).

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