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Nex Machina

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Action
Developer: Housemarque
Release Date: June 20, 2017

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'Nex Machina' (ALL) Confirms Local Co-op, Release Date - Trailer

by Rainier on May 19, 2017 @ 8:05 a.m. PDT

Taking hints from both Robotron and Smash TV, Nex Machina is an intense arcade style twin-stick shooter that focuses on pure action, voxel destruction and competition in the distant, cablepunk themed future.

Housemarque (Resogun, Alienation, Matterfall) teamed up legendary Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Smash TV) to develop Nex Machina, a new type of an arcade experience.

In a world where humans have become more and more addicted to technology, machines have evolved from simple helpers to replacements for unwanted jobs — conscious entities with their own feelings. Robots surpassed mankind’s abilities, becoming the superior being, and started to refuse to serve us.

No reasons to be servants now – robots are clearly the superior life-form. And to make their point, they start eradicating all human life.

After the singularity, the rise of the machines was inevitable — and unstoppable. But nobody even noticed. Mankind’s best and brightest were too busy updating their status on social media. When all seems lost, out of the blue a mysterious hero appears: you. Who sent you? Will you save humanity from itself once again? And last but not least, are your skills sharp enough to confront an army of fiendish robots out for blood?

Local co-op will allow two players to play side by side, just like in the old school arcade halls, competing or helping each other out.

"This is something that we've been holding on for a long time but many of our friends already guessed that it will be a main stay, since it is a Housemarque title."

Nex Machina will be arriving on both PS4 and PC (through Steam) on June 20th.

Can you survive the mechanical onslaught of hundreds of evil robots trying to obliterate any threat? Can you stop them from harvesting oblivious humans? In the vein of cult classics such Resogun and Robotron, Nex Machina is the ultimate top-down voxel shooter where everything can be blown up to pieces. Enter “the zone”, become one with the game and pull off the most incredible feats. Packed with opportunities to create your own playstyle, face tough challenges and engage in a ruthlessly competitive environment, Nex Machina is what arcade games deserve to be in the 21th century.

Key Features:

  • Explosive twin-stick arcade shooter gaming at its finest
  • Over 100+ challenging levels in 5+ different intense worlds
  • Secret paths, levels and humans
  • Deep scoring system, rich metagame and replayability
  • Specially tailored feats and achievements
  • Community and friend leaderboards
  • Unlockables and player profiles
  • Next gen signed distance field (SDF) ray-tracing and morphing tech
  • Voxel driven, significantly reworked version of the Housemarque engine

Be kind to your electronics. You never know what can happen…

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