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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Huckleberry Games

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'Edengrad' Early Access Update Adds New Content & Features

by Rainier on June 19, 2017 @ 1:33 a.m. PDT

Edengrad is a survival-focused subscription-free MMO, with extensive town building, item crafting, deep social and economical simulation.

Rooted in post-apo culture and drawing on the best features of such classics as Fallout or Mad Max Edengrad offers a unique level of social simulation and town-building, as it creates a vivid image of a society that has survived the Earth’s life nigh-complete destruction.

Your forefathers killed Earth. Toxic pollution and dangerous waste produced by neverending global wars turned our planet into a dead wasteland. The surviving few were presented with just two options - three, if you count giving up dying - boarding an interstellar ship to look for a new habitable planet to ruin, or go deep underground to live in the relative safety of giant concrete shelters.

As the years pass the government develops a plan to re-cultivate the surface with a bio-active gas distributed via high-tech Hydra-class Environment Generators. A partial success, as the gas turned out to be unstable, turning some areas habitable again and bringing the blight of mutation to others.

You are a grand-grand-child of the one of shelter's first inhabitants. Adventurous, defiant, and sick of living under tons of rock and dirt over your head. Be it your bravery, bravado, or boredom, you become one of the first mercenaries to step out into the daylight and explore the newly-transformed surface.

With very limited resources your home-shelter could provide, you'll be depending on your wits and survival instincts to stay alive and build a new existence for yourself. What will your future hold? What strange creatures await in the wild? Whatever happened to the colony ships? It's up to you and other mercenaries like you, to discover what sense the new world makes.

Stay vigilant, stay brave, stay... alive!

Huckleberry Games has enriched the gameplay with completely new features. The players will now be able to engage in, long awaited, wars with other towns. The creators also added new animations, new maps, a new planting system, new construction elements and skills such as “First Aid”, allowing the players to heal their companions. The players will also be able to enjoy a faster and more stable gameplay, due to improved servers.  

Steam Summer Sale begins on June 22 2017.

Edengrad is available as Early Access through Steam for $12.99.

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