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Forbidden Unit

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Chainless Games

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'Forbidden Unit' Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2017 @ 11:01 a.m. PDT

Forbidden Unit is a strategy RPG where you control John “Cooper” Frase and his team, known for taking dangerous missions that other mercenaries are too scared to even think about.

Your team's actions often lie in a gray zone between good and bad, where the right decision may not always be obvious.

The Player manages a team of four mercenaries, which discreetly fulfill military contracts and requests of different kinds. The plot is set in the future after a devastating world war. Traditional states and political division of the world no longer exist. The Earth is largely destroyed and uninhabitable. Some people survive behind the walls of city states, controlled by large corporations that run their entire lives. Other people survive in the wasteland ruled by violent gangs, where the only respected authority is the barrel of a loaded gun. The bigger, the better.

The story is focused on four main characters. They work as mercenaries in a complicated world where the line between black and white is blurred. During the game, you will learn about past and present of each member of your group, their relationships, personal life, and why they work together.

You will accept different contracts from powerful corporations, clans, and individuals... There will be more than one way to finish contracts, and the decision is up to you. You might find dirty secrets behind the deals and refuse to finish the contract, but be prepared to face consequences.

Indie developer Chainless Games has launched a kickstarter campaign, looking for $65,000, to finish up development on Forbidden Unit.

“The Development of the game is getting to a stage where we are not able to finance it on our own and we need additional resources to finish the game and get reinforcement for our team,” says Tomas Pavlis, CEO and main programmer of the company. “That’s why we’ve decided to try our luck on Kickstarter,” Pavlis adds.

“We think of Forbidden Unit as a tasty mix of Mad Max and Blade Runner,” says Martin Skýpala, Main Designer of the game.

The adventure part of the game (dialogues, interaction, exploration etc.) happens in real-time, but as soon as a combat starts the game switches to turn-based mode. In the turn-based mode, each character has a certain number of Action Points (depending on their stats), which can be used for movement, attack or any other time-consuming action. Each action takes a different number of Action Points (for example throwing a grenade costs more than shooting a pistol).

Playable characters have unique skills (hacking, sneaking, using various weapons, silent elimination, optical camouflage etc.), which enables different kinds of play styles. It is entirely up to the player to choose between an action style full of hand combat, shooting, explosions or a rather low-profile style, consisting in silent sneaking, exploring hidden shortcuts and being completely unseen by enemy units.

There are also multiple ways to finish a mission. The player can decide if they want to fulfill the contract according to the task and get the money or search into other unexplored possibilities. However, each decision has its consequences.

Each character in the game, including NPCs, has their own inventory, so after each successful combat, the player can collect ammunition, weapons, gear, money and other items from defeated enemies. Unneeded items can be sold on the black market or left on the ground. The Weapons have different kinds of ammunition and fire modes. Grenades can be timed so they go off after a certain number of game turns. By using explosives, the player can get in locked rooms or inaccessible areas. The environment is mostly destructible. The player can also use auto-turrets for securing certain areas and increasing defense capability of the team.

Forbidden Unit is heavily based on principles and game mechanics of legendary titles like Fallout, Shadowrun and Syndicate.

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