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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Deck13 Interactive
Developer: Playwood Project
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2018

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'WarTile' Early Access Update Adds Second Adventure Pack - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 7, 2017 @ 1:53 p.m. PDT

WarTile is a medieval fantasy-themed strategy game that invites the player to select a band of miniature figurines and embark on a campaign or a multiplayer match, set on gorgeous diorama battle boards.

Figurines, their special abilities and your hand of godly and tactical cards are the tools to rule the board. Wartile captures the tabletop feeling, while adding its own digital style, magic and humor. Tactics weigh heavily in Wartile, where a unique cooldown system adds the flavor of turn based games and gives you the time to outsmart, trap or even use Godly powers on your enemy.

Playwood Project will release its latest major Wartile content update tomorrow in the form of Adventure Pack 0.6, the second major update of new features and enhancements.

This latest update and content package adds more player assets and further refines the overall player experience as we work towards final release,” said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project. “This new adventure pack introduces a new battleboard, The Dark Forest - a dark and mysterious place steeped in Viking mythology. We’ve also added a merchant store for players to trade their in-game looted items and have added new weapons and armor as well”.

In addition to the new Dark Forest Battleboard, Adventure Pack 0.6 adds its second female warrior to the mix in the form of Völva, a female Shaman who harnesses mysterious natural power. Völva is armed with a wooden staff but can also attack nearby enemy units with a large Crow that circles above her. The Dark Forest now takes the available number of playable Battleboards in Wartile to 10 and offers a totally new combat environment to players.

Other updates and tweaks include new additions to Ability cards and improvements to the Godly and Tactical card system, which prevents duplicate cards from being drawn into the deck. Improved stat tokens for higher difficulty levels or taking down special enemy units and further tweaks to the UI to improve navigation at the campaign board are also part of Adventure Pack 0.6.

A 15% discount on Steam and on the Humble Bundle store will also coincide with this latest Adventure Pack update and will be available from 10am PDT Friday 8th September.

Key Features

  • Beautifully crafted diorama Battle Boards, with a true tabletop feel
  • Take control of miniature figurines with an attitude
  • Assemble your deck of Godly and Tactical Cards
  • A new take on strategy – a cooldown system provides a refreshing take on the real-time strategy genre
  • Customize your units with weapons, armor & new abilities found throughout the game
  • Expand your collection of figurines & widen your palette of possibilities
  • Venture into the first Viking Campaign that's rich in mythology, story and lore
  • Play against friends in quest oriented multiplayer matches or go full competitive

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