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June 2018

Terrorist Takedown: War In Colombia

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: dtp
Developer: City Interactive


Terrorist Takedown: War In Colombia

You are Jack Jeffers, a captain in the Special Forces. You will be fighting alongside allied Colombian and American forces. But you’ll have special orders of your own, and you’ll have plenty of firepower at your disposal. You’ll need it. You’ll be facing a veteran mercenary army equipped with armor, missiles, and aircraft. And it’s a long way to the cartel’s headquarters: a long trek through virgin jungle, treacherous swamps, and native villages where an ambush could lurk around the next corner. On the way, you’ll assault an enemy camp, an airfield, and a cocaine processing plant. Your final objective is to storm the jungle fortress of the Bendictions cartel, and kill its bosses.


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