UbiSoft's 'Racing Simulation 3' (ALL) - Screens & Features

by Patrick on Oct. 11, 2002 @ 6:43 p.m. PDT

Ubi Soft Entertainment is proud to announce the release of its upcoming racing game, Racing Simulation 3. Based on an enhanced version of Ubi Soft's powerful "Revenge" engine, the game will feature the latest technological advancements to provide gamers with the most thrilling and realistic game in the series. Go check the 10 new screens before they race off!

Developed by Ubi Soft's production studio in Paris, Racing Simulation 3 is guaranteed to appeal to both PC and console gamers thanks to its exciting mix of simulation and immersive gameplay. Racing Simulation 3 will be released during the Winter of 2002 on PC, and early 2003 for NINTENDO GAMECUBET, and Sony's Playstation®2 consoles.

"Considering the amazing graphics, advanced AI, powerful "Revenge" engine and immersive gameplay, the game is sure to appeal both Ubi Soft Racing Simulation fans and new comers to the genre", said Anne Villeneuve, Producer for Ubi Soft.

In Racing Simulation 3, players will learn to master a racing car on 16 challenging circuits, against virtual competitors who now feature vastly enhanced AI.
A brand new scenario mode on the PC version will enable gamers to experience the most intense racing moments ever. Console players are certainly not neglected though: six different game modes, ranging from the driving school to a complete championship, will offer constant single and multiplayer challenges. Players will improve their skills step by step to learn the tricks of the trade!

Key Features

  • 16 highly-detailed tracks fully modelled in 3D.
  • Incredibly realistic details and numerous improvements: 3000 polygons per car, improved tyre relief, quarter-lights, hollowed aerations to name a few.
  • A wide range of car settings and racing options, with a new setting guide to prevent the player from getting lost.
  • Improved car behavior and collision influence on car handling.
  • New views and cameras, including a vibrating cockpit view and TV-style replays.
  • A wide range of game modes: original scenario mode for a PC simulation and 6 different game modes on PS2 and Game Cube.

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