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Welcome to Transworld Snowboarding (xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 16, 2002 @ 11:26 p.m. PST

Infogrames announces the launch of Transworld Snowboarding on XBox in October 2002. TransWorld Media is a major cultural force in the action sports industry, with 15 consumer and trade magazines, six web sites and TransWorld alternative sports events. “Infogrames’ line of TransWorld games - TransWorld Snowboarding and TransWorld Surf - offers the most compelling gameplay combined with stunning technology and a high level of realism through the real pros, tricks, riding spots, equipment and gear.” said Franck Heissat, Marketing Director, Core Games Infogrames Europe. The leprechaun's brought us some screens...

Experience life on the powder in the world of TransWorld Snowboarding. This great title is developed by Housemarque, the Finish development team who created Supreme Snowboarding PC. TransWorld Snowboarding offers go-anywhere, real world based snowboard levels, intense boarder animations and dynamic crash physics. Treacherous terrain and steep cliffs, modeled after actual slopes from around the world, add to the danger in TransWorld Snowboarding. With rails and downed trees to jib and grind, natural snow kickers and ramps to launch off, and multiple half-pipes and quarter-pipes to perform tons of tricks on, TransWorld Snowboarding is action sports gameplay at its pinnacle.

Key Features

  • Pro rider styles, special tricks and awesome extra abilities specific to each pro rider
  • 10 snowboarding pros: Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Andrew Crawford, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Jussi Oksanen, Todd Richards, Wille Yli-Luoma, Daniel Frank and Nicola Thost
  • 19 locations including USA, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Japan
  • Free-ride, Free-style, Slope Style, Straight Jump, Pipe, Boarder X and Career game modes
  • Amazing visuals including special-effect lighting, shadows, particle effects, bump mapping and anti-aliasing
  • Perform tricks off of ice blocks, kicker boxes, downed trees, snow plows, tables, rails, half-pipes, quarter-pipes and more
  • New levels opened by perfecting tricks and attaining top scores
  • Licensed equipment, clothing and accessory sponsors including Billabong, DC Shoes, Hurley Clothing, Nixon, Oakley and more
  • Tons of painful wipeouts depending on position and speed
  • Hidden photographers to capture your best tricks for the TransWorld Snow Magazine cover
  • The ability to create play-lists from in-game licensed tracks and original game music
    One to four player simultaneous play

For further information please surf on the official website.

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