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'Halloween' (PS2/GC/GBA) - Story & Screens

by Thomas on Aug. 31, 2002 @ 10:38 a.m. PDT

A 3D real time platform game due for release on PS2/GBA in November 2002 and on GameCube in January 2003.. Based on the famous Halloween Night tradition, this game will plunge players into an eerie and terrifying world of haunted houses, creepy cemeteries, dusty laboratories and forgotten cellars. "For some reason it's called "Castleween" on the press release, but that sounds a bit funny"

A story which combines classic horror with a modern fairy-tale.

Halloween night… a group of children enter a strangely quiet deserted run-down house to look for sweets. Alicia, a clever young girl dressed up as a witch, and Greg, a solid young boy dressed up as a devil, are squabbling and lagging behind the others. Suddenly, as they turn a corner, they discover that all their friends have been turned to statues! Lying inanimate on the ground along the corridor, they are frightening and grotesque.

Alicia and Greg run away only to find themselves… in front of the entrance to the world of the dead! If they are to free their friends from the terrible spell they are under and get home safely, then their only hope is to find their friends' souls...

A platform game sprinkled with puzzles for effective spell casting

To escape from this nightmare, the player will have to complete eleven very different levels before reaching the final level.

In the first level, an imp will explain all the game controls to the player.

The level of difficulty increases throughout the levels.

In the course of his adventure, the player will encounter skeletons, vampires, witches, devils and other monsters which he will have to avoid and/or fight.

He will also collect life and invincibility bonuses as well as sparks which allow him to swap characters.

In certain levels, the player will be able to free his friends’ souls.

Alicia and Greg, two permanently available interchangeable characters

The player can play as either Alicia or Greg and, provided he has collected enough sparks, can change character whenever he wants.

Each of the characters possesses different abilities, determined by their costumes, and the player must select whichever is most appropriate for each obstacle.

The gameplay’s originality lies in this choice of character and the player’s need to choose correctly at any given moment.

Making a wrong selection can literally cost the player his life.

With her broad-rimmed witch’s hat, Alicia fears neither cold nor ice and can freeze water, lava and her enemies in their tracks. However, she is weak against heat.

She can use her hat as a boomerang to attack her enemies and can also shrink herself so that she is completely covered by it.

Greg can use his devil’s fork to fight in kung-fu style hand-to-hand combat. He is also capable of executing dangerous triple jumps using his fork as a pole vault.

He can walk through fire but is afraid of the cold.

A pinch of horror, a dash of surprise and a whiff of fantasy: Halloween’s magic formula

The game takes place in a gloomy and frightening setting where werewolves prowl, devils dance in the flames, witches cast spells and skeletons rattle their bones. Alicia and Greg will have to explore haunted houses, overgrown cemeteries and run-down laboratories full of secret passages and spooky noises.

Platforms: PS2 / GameCube / GBA
Release date: PS2/GBA: 27/11/02 - GC: January 2003
Number of players: 1
Public: PG
Genre: Platform
Publisher: Wanadoo
Original idea and development: Wanadoo

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