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Lethal Skies II

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Sammy Studios Announces 'Lethal Skies II' (PS2)

by Rainier on Jan. 1, 2006 @ 1:30 a.m. PST

Sammy Studios, announced the upcoming release of Lethal Skies II for Sony PlayStation® 2. The new sequel, announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, is the most explosive title yet in the action-driven Lethal Skies jet combat series. Developed by Asmik Ace, Lethal Skies II is an arcade-style flight shooter that puts the most powerful real-world and classified “black ops” fighter jets at the command of players taking on an army of futuristic enemies and advanced combat vehicles. The title, slated for release exclusively on PS2 in September 2003, has debuted as a playable game at Sammy’s booth at E3, located at #2200 West Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Lethal Skies II is a thrilling title that will bring gamers a fast-paced, graphically rich jet combat game,” said John Rowe, president of Sammy Studios. “Players will be able to immerse themselves into this game’s single-player mode as an elite pilot commanding a powerful air fleet, or compete with friends for Ace status in 2-player mode.”

Lethal Skies II adds an amazing seven new combat jets for a total of 19 playable planes, arming players with an arsenal necessary to take on an enemy employing an array of conventional and futuristic air, land and sea-based combat vehicles, including battle-mechs, giant mobile fortresses and attack satellites. The game has over 20 unique missions set in battle theaters around the world, and allows players to unlock secret missions where they can play as the enemy. Lethal Skies II provides five different POVs in first and third-person, and 2-player mode that can be played as both split-screen and using the PS2 I.Link. Among additional new and enhanced features are interactive 3D battle maps, movie galleries and cut-scenes that progress the action-packed story with vivid animation.

Lethal Skies II blends a science-fiction storyline with real-world apocalyptic themes. In the game’s premise, the planet is coping with the devastating effects of global warming. As a result of massive loss of land mass and resources, wars among the world’s remaining nations have ensued, further deteriorating an already dire situation for Earth. Lethal Skies II puts players at the command of an entire Air Force, pitting them against a mysteriously advanced enemy bent on pushing the world beyond the brink of destruction. Players get access to an air fleet that boasts the world’s most powerful fighter jets, as well as declassified “black ops” jets with devastating capabilities.

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