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Chrome 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Techland

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'Chrome 2' - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 1, 2006 @ 1:30 a.m. PST

The sequel to Techland’s 2003’ sci-fi tactical shooter will take players once more into the world of ruthless corporation wars and tactical missions on the battlefields of the future. Implants, ultra-modern military equipment, weapons of the future, exoskeleton power armors, tactical walkers, powerful mechs and vast, MMORPG-like battlefields make Chrome 2 into one of the hottest future releases.

Welcome to the Virtual Recruitment “2B Agreement” program of Matsuka & Loeb Corporation.

You are dead.

Per the rules and regulations of the Free-Market Consciousness Recovery Act, a titanium core containing your consciousness and memory has been reclaimed and can be implanted into a new body.

Consistent with Article 31 of the Act, Matsuka & Loeb offers both the implanting and purchase of said body for the amount of $3,170,000.00

The credit will be remunerated in the form of 5 years of service in M & & L Corporation.

Chrome 2 moves the player into a world of corporation wars, world of new technologies. On the battlefields of unparalleled dimensions the player will have at his disposal hundreds of unique and varied weapons and will move and fight using tens of combat vehicles. His skills will raise amongst others thanks to the use of specialized implants and exoskeletons.


  • The player is moved to a world of corporate wars, in the times of technologies advanced enough to allow for changing human bodies.
  • Cyber-technologies, genetic weapons, implants and exoskeletons.
  • Battlegrounds of unparalleled dimensions and gigantic mechs redefine the term battlefield and require new combat methods from the player.
  • Open spaces, freedom of acting and nonlinearity of the gameplay create enormous (comparable with MMORPG) living and interactive worlds with many ways of achieving the goal and defeating
  • Character development by among others installing and upgrading specialized implants.
  • Tens of vehicles at player’s disposal – wheeled, walking, flying – to freely move and use in combat.
  • Intelligent allies and enemies reacting strategically to each and every player’s behavior.
  • Hundreds of weapons with individual parameters and character.
  • Complex multiplayer modes with up to 64 players using wide selection of vehicles and weapons.
  • Visuals and simulation of the environment powered by Chrome Engine 2007.

Technical features:

  • Support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques including:
    • 64-bit color High Dynamic Range rendering pipeline virtual displacement mapping, multi-bump mapping, wide range of post-processing effects (depth-of-field, light blooms, refraction, heat distortion)
    • high quality pre-computed lighting with ambient occlusion
    • pre-computed shadow masks, omni-projector lights
  • High quality Spherical Harmonics Lighting
  • Outdoor light scattering simulation
  • Dynamic shadows based on global hierarchical shadowmaps using hardware shadow-mapping
  • High quality character models, built from hi-poly meshes using normal maps (bump mapping)
  • Multi-morphtarget facial mimics
  • Accurate simulation and animation of vegetation, fumes and smokes – reaction to wind, moving objects, etc.
  • Global Physics simulation system including the simulation of:
    • rigid body dynamics, clothes, next generation muscleskeleton ragdoll
    • natural phenomena simulation: fire, smoke, liquid, electricity and wind effects,
    • objects properties influence with liquids
    • surface parameters such as friction
  • Effective and easy to use authoring tools
  • Real time multi-layer foliage generation
  • Real-Time terrain deformations and vegetation damage simulation
  • Weather, daytime and global lighting changes
  • Fractal-based real time terrain generation

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