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3RD Space Vest Enables Physical 3D Functionality For Console Games

by Rainier on June 14, 2010 @ 12:18 p.m. PDT

TN Games announces the 3RD Space Trigger, enabling use of the acclaimed 3RD Space Vest with videogame consoles. Unlike rumble or motorized force feedback devices, 3RD Space delivers actual impact forces to your body, creating a Physical 3D experience that makes you an integral part of the action for the utmost in immersive, realistic gaming entertainment.

Visual technologies use 3D to enhance the perception of depth and the relative positions between objects and viewer. Within a broader context, a 3-dimensional relationship also exists between an individual and their environment. These spatial relationships are perceived using all of one’s senses, which each differ in their capacity to provide location based information. As it is possible to hear the effects of an event occurring beyond our range of vision, the closer we get to the source, a threshold is reached where it begins to be felt. Physical 3D develops those spatially accurate physical cues for the virtual environment that would normally be associated with what is seen happening, giving the user a unique multi-sensory, 3-dimensional experience.

“With great entertainment, there comes a point where we become lost in the story,” said TN Games’ CEO, Dr. Mark Ombrellaro. “While visual realism and motion based input control devices are steps towards make videogames more engaging, our novel hardware provides opportunities for creating even greater immersion. Our emphasis is on strengthening the player’s connection to their character. Combining the events that are seen with an interpretation of what they also should feel like, to create an actual physical affect on the player makes the game more tangible and immersive.”

TN Games has developed a modular system to advance its 3RD Space PC technology to console games. Console use requires 3 elements: the Trigger, new game driver software, and the Vest. The 3RD Space Trigger is a specialized microcomputer that seamlessly integrates information output to the TV from the game console with the game driver, creating the appropriate Physical 3D controls for the Vest. The Trigger communicates with the 3RD Space Vest either via wired USB or wirelessly. The Vest is a lightweight, wearable, pneumatic peripheral containing 8 active contact points that strike the player’s chest and back to generate a diverse range of spatially accurate impact effects. All 3RD Space Vests are compatible across all supported gaming platforms.

3RD Space immediately takes players into a 3 dimensional world, surrounded by action and the ability to experience its physical consequences. It heightens awareness and enables more strategic, accurate game play. The unique sensory experience amplifies the excitement, challenge, and fun of gaming. You’re not just an observer, but actively engaged in the story.

The Console Kit (Vest with Trigger) can be pre-ordered for $189 at TNGames. The 3RD Space Vest is currently available for $139. A wireless communicator for the Vest will also be available and is sold separately. The free 3RD Space videogame driver software and a comprehensive list of supported games is available at TNGames.

The 3RD Space Trigger will support Vest functionality for the top action/shooter game titles playable on the X360 and PS3 and begins shipping in the US on October 30, 2010.

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