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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Developer: Koei Tecmo
Release Date: July 1, 2014 (US), June 27, 2014 (EU)


PS3 Preview - 'Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on June 15, 2014 @ 12:15 a.m. PDT

Experience the thrill of piloting mobile suits through famous scenes spanning multiple Gundam anime series in an action-packed thrill ride.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn might sound like the name you'd expect from a reboot, but don't be mistaken. In all but name, Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is basically Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4. It contains almost every mobile suit and character from the previous games in the series and a whole bunch more. It's the biggest and most dynamic Dynasty Warriors Gundam game to date.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn will feature two kinds of story mode. The first is the classic story mode, which is based on the animated television shows. While this mode has appeared in Dynasty Warriors Gundam titles before, Reborn introduces some new series to the mix. In addition to the classic Universal Century Gundam shows, players can go through the complete story line of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, and a section of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The latter had been unfinished at the time of the game's Japanese release, so it only goes up to the fifth episode of the series. The other story mode, Ultimate mode, features a team-up of Gundam characters from across the Gundam multiverse on a series of missions designed to emphasis crossover action.

Mechanically, much of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is similar to the previous games in the series. Players can choose a pilot and a mobile suit, and the two combine to give you a single unit. The pilot determines the rough stats and special abilities while the mobile suit determines your attacks and other special abilities. There are a number of new suits available, with many added from Gundam Unicorn and Gundam SEED.

There are also special DLC units that will be made available. Those who pre-order the game via the PlayStation store will be given access to the Beargguy from Gunpla Builders. You'll also be able to upgrade those units by using upgrade plans, which can sometimes provide new weapons, such as a bigger beam saber. Also added to the game are playable mobile armor-sized units, which are incredibly large enemies, such as the Big Zam or Destroy Gundam. Previously, they had been regulated to boss status and could only be battled, not used. For the first time, players can access these giant behemoths.

Another big change is the addition of combination attacks. These are special SP Attacks that summon an ally to help you fight. A similar sort of combination attack appeared in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, but it has been expanded here. You can set various combination attack partners and summon them to aid you even if they are not normally playable units. A good example of this is that you can use carrier captains such as Bright or Ramius as your Combination Partner and have them use their full-sized combat carriers to drop heavy weaponry on the field to clear your enemies. SP attacks have also been divided into multiple levels, allowing you to use weaker attacks without using up the entire bar or your full SP bar. Another nice change for ease of combat is the ability to lock on to any enemy ace pilot. Previously, you could only lock on to mobile armor enemies, and this should make it easier to fight high-level foes.

Another of the newer additions is the Burst system. As you fight, you can build up a Burst gauge, and when it's full, you can press the R2 button to enter a high-powered Burst mode and power up your robot. Some get stronger, while others like the Gundam Mk.II or Strike Freedom Gundam briefly change forms. Also influencing your pilot's power is his genetic type. When you go into Burst mode, you gain an advantage based on the type of pilot using your mobile suit, ranging from Empathetic Newtype and Combat Newtype to Ace Pilot and Innovator, each with a distinct power. Some can improve your damage output, slow down time, or infinite thrust for a brief period of time. This adds a new layer of customization since the pilot of your choice may not be the best pilot for your robot, and balancing the two is necessary for optimal power.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn isn't reinventing the formula. The base gameplay and general concept are still straightforward: use your mobile suit to destroy enemies across Earth and space. For those looking forward to it, that will probably be a good thing to hear. Our hands-on experience with the game feels a lot like a refined and expanded version of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. If you're a fan of the Gundam games and Dynasty Warriors, Reborn will be everything you're looking for. Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn will be available exclusively via digital distribution for the PlayStation 3 on July 1, 2014.

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