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Playlogic's GamesCom 2009 Lineup

by Rainier on Aug. 10, 2009 @ 8:46 a.m. PDT

Playlogic announced its line-up of titles it will be showing off at GamesCom 2009 (August 19th – 23rd), such as Fairytale Fights, Infernal Hell's Vengeance, and Obscure: The Aftermath.

Playlogic will have playable code for the first time ever, of the highly anticipated Hack and Slash Platform Adventure, Fairytale Fights. You can check out the game on Playlogic's Candy Castle stand at Hall 9.1/Booth C24.

As well as the blood soaked Fairytale adventure, Playlogic will also have playable demos of Infernal Hell's Vengeance on Xbox 360 and Obscure: The Aftermath on PlayStation Portable, PSP Go.

Fairytale Fights (Xbox 360, PS3)

Fairytale Fights is a Hack'N'Slash platform adventure from Playlogic Game Factory. Utilising the Unreal Engine 3 like never before, Fairytale Fights lets players assume the role of their favourite fairytale character to reclaim their former glory days!

With over 100 weapons to choose from, Slice'N'Dice your way through the Fairytale Kingdom in search of rumors and tales to regain your Fame & Fortune! The first game ever to feature "Real-time dynamic slicing", made possible by Playlogic's in-house technology.

Experience a beautifully designed Fairytale world, where Fairytales are not as they seem….
Hack a path through a sea of cuddly bunnies, cute furry animals or lacerate the lumberjacks and wade through pools of blood on your travels; to retrieve magical items and rescue fair maidens.

Infernal Hell's Vengeance (Xbox 360)

Former Etherlite Secret Agent Ryan Lennox, now obsolete and betrayed by those close to him is a man who knows no fear! In a desperate bid to uncover his former employers secret agenda Lennox makes a pact with the devil. Embarking on an action-packed voyage into a world of deception and betrayal, armed with special abilities and military grade weaponry, Ryan Lennox is a man who must succeed. Playlogic invites you to experience this exhilarating third-person-shooter adventure at its booth in Cologne.

Obscure: The Aftermath (PSP, PSP Go)

The sequel to 2005's acclaimed survival horror game Obscure, picks up two years after the terrible events at Leafmore High, following the few teens who survived being trapped inside their school, hunted by monsters and their maniac headmaster. Hoping to put the past behind them, the kids start college at Fallcreek University, but soon discover all is not well as strange black flowers appear all over campus. While experimenting with these flowers, a dangerous substance is discovered that induces hauntingly vivid dreams. Soon the survivors find themselves fighting for their lives—and their sanity—as their nightmares become a horrible reality. You can experience this handheld horror in the save confinements of the Playlogic booth.


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